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AWWeekly #1

Introducing PixelLAW, introducing Tsubasa, Arcade Account for StarkNet's onchain games, and more

  • Introducing PixelLAW

PixeLAW is a world where every country is represented as a grid of pixels on the front-end. Each individual pixel has six components that define its properties: position, color, Unicode, ownership, permissions, and time. Initially, the PixelLAW team built four games inside PixeLAW: Paint, Snake, Rock Paper Scissors, and Pac-Man.

The core idea of PixeLAW is to create different interoperable games. Everyone can create very interesting experiences. For example, you can combine Snake, Pac-Man, and Rock Paper Scissors with a rule that if you win Rock Paper Scissors, the snake can move to eat all the dots inside an enclosed maze while avoiding four colored ghosts. Rules are extended, and new game experiences are created.

PixeLAW was built by @fntupas, @coostendorp_tw, @0xsyora, and @jwaitforitk_eth, using the Dojo engine on Starknet. They won the 1st prize at the @Starknet of @ETHGlobal Paris Hackathon.

  • Rakku announced Snapshot Day for Genesis NFT

Rakku is a gaming platform that offers a wide range of classic games, such as chess, cards, and dice. Additionally, users can create their own games on Rakku. All games on Rakku are built on L2 and are fully on-chain and interoperable.

Rakku will incentivize users with staking rewards and airdrops to play their games. Currently, users have the opportunity to obtain a Genesis NFT if they rank among the top 200 users on the Snake game leaderboard. The Snapshot Day will take place in two weeks.

  • Introducing Tsubasa

Tsubasa is a football cards game that was built on Starknet (runnable on both public StarkNet or a Mandara appchain) using Dojo engine. It's a simulation game based on the normal rules of the football game, but with a twist: players are able to use superhuman techniques, such as the Tiger Shot, to make the game more exciting.

Tsubasa will be open-source from day one. Additionally their partnership with Onlydust platform will allow developers or game creators to contribute to Tsubasa and get paid by Onlydust.

Sneak peak of the game design is on the below tweet:

  • FFG game has ended Season 1

FFG is a fully on-chain strategy game with two phases: The Renaissance (mining phase) and The Dark Age (destruction phase).

After 1.5 months of gameplay, FFG finally crowned a winner. The owner of the settlement named Ad-tendo acquired their closest competitor for 30 ETH due to a lack of coordination from the WastelandDAO. Consequently, Ad-tendo's owner received the final prize of 289 ETH.

Season 2 will start in the coming week with many improvements, such as cheaper gas fees and more rewards when abandoning settlements.

  • Introducing Viking Chess

Viking Chess (Hnefatafl) is a two-player strategy game that has been played for over a thousand years and resembles modern chess.

@awtnmy from Semaeopus has developed a prototype of the game using Unity and transitioned it onto the blockchain via Argus Labs' World Engine. Viking Chess is set to be among the pioneering projects utilizing World Engine.

  • BibliotheacaDAO propose BIP-13 - Frontinus House Proposal 1

BibliotheacaDAO is a group of developers building Realm Autonomous Worlds, including two games: Eternum, a strategy game built on StarkNet, and Loot Survivor, an on-chain survival game that uses play-to-die mechanics.

With this proposal, Frontinus House will use DAO assets to attract talented builders and incentivize building within BibliothecaDAO and its ecosystem. Up to 500,000 LORDS tokens have been reserved for allocation to builders over the three-week duration of the round.

  • Introducing Arcade Account

Arcade Account is a type of account abstraction built on Starknet, leveraging on the previous concept of Session Keys.

With Arcade Account, users can create a "sub-account" that requires only their signature for every transaction, eliminating gas fees. Only the Master account can transfer funds, making it a safer option.

Loot Realms will be the first project to integrate Arcade Account. There are other experimental features with account as a contract that will be implemented in the future, such as the ability to auto-topup ETH when the account is running low.

  • Pirate Nation released new quest β€œ Frigate β€œ

Pirate Nation is a pirate-themed RPG that operates fully on-chain and is playable on Arbitrum Nova. To start the Frigate quest, users need 1 High Seas Map and 1 Cutlass. Once they collect all 4 plans, they can create the completed blueprint to craft an epic ship.

Frigates are a type of ship with different stats for attack, health, accuracy, and evasion. Although not as fast or accurate as Sloops or Galleons, Frigates have increased durability and pack a big punch.

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