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AWWeekly #3

Proof of Play's 30M raise, Small Brain Games starter kit for on-chain mobile games, Godot x MUD template from Minters, and more

  • Proof of Play studio raised $30M in seed round

Proof of Play, the studio behind Pirate Nation, has raised $30M in funding led by a16z and Greenoaks. Leveraging their experience from building the world-renowned Farmville, the Proof of Play studio aims to develop more games that are fun to play and fully decentralized, empowering players.

Pirate Nations is their debut game, which has been in development for a year. To play it, early access codes are available on their Discord channel, and enthusiasts can also obtain a Founder Pirate for game entry. The game will be released for free play in the coming months.

  • Introducing Tairochi

Tairochi is an on-chain RPG game built by Paima Studio using their own Paima Engine. Players can explore vibrant villages with unique NPCs, train your monster and battle with other players across diverse landscapes. In every fight, players can change their monster to appropriate with their strategy to defeat the opponent.

The public beta will release in the coming months, you can stay up date by joining their discord.

  • Doomsday: Settlers of the Wasteland season 3 ended

Doomsday: Settlers of the Wasteland - Season 3 started from September 12th to September 25th. After The Dark Age came to an end, the owner of the settlers named Dasharatha won 8 ETH as a prize.

In Season 3, several minor improvements were made to the game's economy. Additionally, Alliances were introduced, which are specific multi-sigs designed to facilitate gameplay. They allow multiple players to pool resources and play together.

The teams are currently making a few changes and redeploying contracts for Season 4.

  • Roll Your Own: Season Two is live

Roll Your Own is a fully on-chain arbitrage trading game built using the Dojo Engine and deployed on Cartridge's chain. It's a game where you buy and sell drugs. Your objective is to purchase drugs in cities where they are priced lower and sell them in other cities for a higher price. However, transporting the drugs comes with risks, as "gangs" may intercept you and confiscate some of the drugs.

Since its launch, more than 1,500 rounds have been played, resulting in over 35,000 on-chain transactions. You can play by clicking on this link:

  • Introducing Draft Shares

Draft Shares is an on-chain fantasy football platform that allows users to buy and trade digital shares of NFL players like stocks.

Functioning on a bonding curve, Draft Shares generate a weekly jackpot from 10% trading fees that is awarded to shareholders of the top three highest scoring players as determined by ESPN's PPR scoring system. Shareholder positions are locked in weekly, and shares can be held and traded throughout the entire season as the ultimate NFL fantasy stock market.

  • Altlayers announced a new campaign "Altitude Phase IV: Autonomous Worlds.โ€

Turbo, a rollup stack designed specifically for on-chain games, has been launched, and with that AltLayer has offered gamers the opportunity to earn up to 600 points playing three distinct games crafted on AltLayer's platform.

The selection includes Ottie 2048, a reinvented classic 2048 puzzle game; Cellula, an engrossing artificial life simulation game influenced by Conway's Game of Life; and Loot Royale, a thrilling battle royale game infused with loot NFT references.

Each of these engaging games is fully integrated within the blockchain, with Ottie 2048 and Cellula developed in-house by the AltLayer team, while Loot Royale represents an exciting creation from BladeDAO.

  • Small Brain Games released a toolkit for developing on-chain mobile game

Small Brain Games's starter kit simplifies the creation of a fully on-chain application with a progressive web app (PWA) mobile client that seamlessly integrates into users' mobile home screens. Developers get a mobile client that syncs with on-chain state updates using MUD's client and smart contract libraries while users can sign up without a wallet via Privy's social onboarding.

The starter kit can be accessed from this Github repo:

  • Dojo Game Jam #1 recap

After a 3-day of hacking sprint, Zknight has emerged as the champion of Dojo Game Jam #1 with its fully on-chain turn-based gameplay. To delve deeper into all the submissions, you can visit this link. Kudos to the team at WASD for their insights.

Dojo Game Jam #2 will start from October 20th to 22nd, 2023. The form submission is now open at:

  • Minters team successfully integrated MUD x Godot.

Godot is an open-source game engine that is specifically designed for creating scene systems for both 2D and 3D games. On the other hand, MUD is an engine used for building fully on-chain games. By integrating the MUD engine with Godot, developers can effortlessly leverage Godot's capabilities to build visually stunning frontends.

In line with the development of their games, including the upcoming title Battle for Blockchain, Minters has chosen to open source their integration template of Godot and MUD as a way to contribute to the MUD community and autonomous world developers community in general.

The Github repo of the integration template is accessible at:

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