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NFTFi Weekly #1

Picking up where we left off on the NFT Finance world

  • Last week to claim Tensor season 1 airdrop

Tensor is a leading aggregator NFT marketplace integrated with an internal AMM on Solana.

If you traded NFTs on any Solana marketplace in the last 6 months, especially on TensorSwap (25-50x more rewards), you can check your rewards here: Note that claiming will be disabled on April 1st.

  • Spice Finance made a proposal for NounDAO to deposit ETH into their vault to earn yield

Spice Finance has made an offer to NounDAO to deposit 500 ETH into their Prologue vault, which has a historical APY of ~16%. Previously, the NounDAO treasury had deposited 5000 ETH into Lido with ~5% APY.

Currently, NounDAO holds around 28k ETH in its treasury, making it one of the largest DAOs holding ETH.

  • ParaSpace announces incentive program after protocol attack

Following up on NFTFi weekly #0, all users impacted by the ParaSpace freeze will receive an NFT that can be redeemed for future ParaSpace tokens. Users can borrow and lend NFTs as well as ERC-20 tokens to earn points, which will later be converted to tokens.

ParaSpace is a decentralized lending protocol. It allows users to borrow ETH, stablecoins, and supported ERC-20 tokens against a variety of crypto assets, including blue-chip NFTs, ERC-20 tokens, and Uniswap V3 LPs.

  • 0xdx will launch Testnet Season 2 on April 5th

0xdx is a platform for NFT traders looking for options trading. Long or short Blue Chip collections are available on 0xdx with customizable variables like Strike Price, Size, and Expiry Date all priced in ETH, and there is no need to stake your NFT as collateral.

The Testnet Season will occur in three weeks, and users who participate will receive rewards if they achieve a high rank on the leaderboard.

  • NFTfi supports Mocaverse

The market leading NFT lending protocol, NFTfi, now supports lending and borrowing for Mocaverse collection by Aminoca Brands.

  • Introducing SeaCows

SeaCows is an NFT marketplace that uses a peer-to-pool AMM model. Users can become a Liquidity Provider (LP) by providing asset pairs to the SeaCows pool and sharing liquidity. The price is determined using a constant product market maker (CPMM), which is designed for NFTs and eliminates fractional NFT trading.

Users can apply for their beta testnet in Discord.

  • SoonSwap releases their testnet

SoonSwap is an NFT marketplace that combines limit order book and AMM functionality. The platform has launched its public testnet, allowing users to try out its features and provide feedback to the SoonSwap team.

To encourage participation, SoonSwap is offering 5,000,000 SOON tokens as rewards, which will be distributed among the top testers.

  • SynFuture launches NFTutures

Futures trading protocol SynFutures has announced NFTures, a new NFT platform for synthetic assets trading.

NFTures allows users to trade both long and short positions in NFT collections on a permissionless system. Prices are based on fractionalized NFTs for reliable pricing, preventing price manipulation and unfair arbitrage opportunities.

The platform is currently in closed alpha testing, with plans for a wider release in the future. Users who are interested can register for this form:

  • Fungify introduces Sporalyzer

Contract size optimization is a concern for developers on the Ethereum network, as it directly impacts the security and efficiency of smart contracts. The Fungify team has built a contract size analysis tool called Sporalyzer, which is used internally.

Sporalyzer analyzes the relationship between source code and generated EVM bytecode. By reviewing the Sporalyzer output, developers can easily identify functions that contribute the most to contract size and gain insights into how that size is reflected in the EVM bytecode.

The team has said they have a plan to open-source Sporalyzer in the future so that every developer can use it.

  • Wasabi Protocol reveals their NFT mint details

Wasabi Protocol is a derivative primitive protocol that allows for the issuance and trading of options on any assets with ERC-721 standards. It was built by DKODA Labs.

Their Testnet Round 1 ended on March 15th, and the top 150 participants will receive a Wasabi NFT that grants access to their private testnet. There's possiblity for the NFT to be redeemable for tokens in the future.

In the coming weeks, Wasabi will announce more competitions to secure a whitelist spot.

  • The Squiggle Vault of INSRT finance has sold out

The Squiggle Vault is INSRT Finance's sixth ShardVault and first multi-asset vault. It sold out in just one day. Users who purchased more than four Shards will receive a rebate this week.

The Chromie Squiggle Shard reveal is now live, and users can freely trade on OpenSea.

  • NFTPerp's 3rd Private Beta Trading Competition ends in 1 week

NFTPerp is a decentralized perpetual trading protocol for NFTs that allows users to long or short blue chip NFT projects with up to 5x leverage.

The third season of the NFTPerp Private Beta Trading Competition started on March 1st and is only one week away from its conclusion. The competition is open for everyone, and participants will be ranked based on two different leaderboards based on Realized PnL and ROI%.

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