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NFTFi Weekly #3

Caviar V2 Testnet, NFTfi snapshot, and more

  • Caviar released their V2 Testnet.

Users who interacted with the Caviar V1 contract can access the Caviar V2 Testnet. In this Testnet, Caviar allows users to use a 1-click deposit function, customize pool parameters such as price range, pool fee, and royalties.

  • NFEX adds Koda/ETH as a new trading pair.

NFEX is a decentralized derivatives exchange that offers perpetual contracts for trading blue-chip NFTs. On April 12th, NFEX listed Koda/ETH with a maximum 50x leverage.

  • Zharta opened “ Simulate a Loan “ function.

Zharta is a peer-to-pool lending protocol that enables NFT holders to borrow ETH instantly by depositing their NFTs as collateral. NFT holders don't need to wait for specific lenders to provide liquidity for their loans, making the borrowing process seamless. The Simulate a Loan function allows borrowers to easily estimate the interest rate they will pay in their loan term and how many ETH they will need to repay.

  • Introducing Baton.

Baton is an NFT launchpad that provides guaranteed liquidity. Projects launched on the launchpad will use the raised funds to add liquidity to AMMs such as Sudoswap or Caviar for a predetermined period of time. Additionally, Baton will offer various badges that projects can apply for to display their efforts to launch fairly and successfully. These badges may include smart contract security audits, KYC checks, and even a refund option to prove the transparency of the launchpad project.

  • Hook Protocol introduces Hook Earn.

Hook Protocol is an NFT options platform that allows users to create, buy, and sell options on ERC-721 assets. With Hook Earn, users can earn yields with their NFTs by listing them at a specific price and date. If the NFT sells, users will earn the listing price and today's earnings. Otherwise, they will still keep their NFT and receive today's earnings. If you're interested, you can register for their waitlist at

  • NFTfi partnered with Rektguy.

Rektguy is a CC0 art project that was launched in 2022.

With this partnership, NFTfi will use a portion of its platform fees to purchase Rektguy NFTs from the market. In addition, a portion of profits from OSF Art, Rekt merch, Rekt sponsorship, and other sources will be used to buy back Rektguy NFTs from the market, supporting the long-term vision of the project.

  • Introducing Sujiko.

Sujiko is an on-chain derivative platform for trading NFTs on Solana. It combines three different mechanisms: a Core vAMM, a decentralized limit order book, and a JIT auction. This platform will provide users with the best source of liquidity for trading derivative NFTs on Solana.

Sujiko won the second prize in the Defi track at Grizzlython, the seventh Solana Hackathon.

  • Paraspace integration with Stakefish.

When a user stakes 32ETH with Stakefish, they will receive a Stakefish Validator NFT. In partnership with Paraspace, NFT owners can use this NFT as collateral to get an instant loan for ERC-20 tokens or sell it back to the Paraspace marketplace. This opens up a new way for stakers to leverage their ETH position or exit staking without waiting for the unstake period.

  • Fungify testnet is now live.

On April 13th, Fungify opened their Goerli Testnet to the first batch of applicants for testing purposes. In this testnet, users can borrow funds or sell their NFTs with instant liquidity, stake or buy NFTindex tokens. Those who are interested can join their Discord and submit their Ethereum address in the #🟢testnet-entrance channel.

  • NFTfi "snapshot taken"

    NFTfi - the leading p2p NFT lending protocol, has taken a snapshot of all historical borrowing and lending activity on NFTfi (we all know what this means).

    They also have been hinting at rewarding the users beyond a single snapshot.

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