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zkWeekly #0

Your weekly digestion on what's the latest on Zero Knowledge and Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) fields

Aztec, the privacy-focused Ethereum zk-rollup has sunsetting their privacy infrastructure Aztec Connect, albeit the sequencer will still be operating until March 21st 2024 (users will have to run withdrawal software or rely on community-run sequencers to withdraw their fund after that).

The team has encouraged the community to fork, deploy, and operate a new version of the system and will give out their next batch of grants in April to support that.

Aztec's focus going forward will be on Noir - their language for zk development - as well as their Noir-centric encrypted zk-rollup.

  • Aleo releases deploy and execute functionality

Aleo - a private computation L1 - has released their deploy and execute functionality as part of their roadmap to mainnet.

Developers can now deploy Leo (their zk domain-specific language) programs to Aleo's program registry on Testnet 3. For more information about how to develop on Leo, please visit

Another cool zkML application utilizing EZKL being built during ETHDenver is NPC Wars. The theme of it is a war between different AI NPC with models being uploaded by developers.

ETH is staked to be able to upload a model, which incentivized crowdsourced training competitions. The model is then turned into zk-SNARK circuit by EZKL which is then used to verify who's the winning model, which gets the ETH rewards.

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