Increasing the Velocity of Graphene on Mantle

Quick Intro to Velocimeter and Graphene

Velocimeter is a ve3,3 DEX, with a few changes. It emits options tokens that highly increase the ROI for users that decide to provide liquidity to the core $MVM token by giving them the cost of exercising the options token. In short, emission sellers pay the LPs for their liquidity.

Graphene is a licensed fork of Carbon DeFi. Both allow users to make strategy orders in the following forms: Limit orders, Range orders, Reoccurring orders, and Overlapping Liquidity (aka Concentrated Liquidity).

For more info on both feel free to check

And this article on how Graphene is rewarded

Brief Description of Campaign

Velocimeter was one of the first protocols to deploy to Mantle back in July 2023. For their efforts, Velocimeter was awarded 30,000 $MNT in the Mantle Journey Season Alpha Grant process. All 30K MNT will be used to incentivize the following:

  • 20,000 wMNT will be used to incentivize users that create any Graphene Strategies with volume for the wETH/USDT and wMNT/wETH pairs. These tokens will be evenly distributed from May 1st to June 26th (1250 wMNT / week / pool). During this time, these will also get oMVM votes and incentives.

To better understand this reward system see

  • 10,000 wMNT will be used to incentivize liquidity providers in the MVM/wMNT vAMM liquidity pool for the same time period.

Keep it Flowing

50% of the Mission Marketing budget of Mantle was distributed already, but there is still another half to win. This leaderboard shows how projects are doing in collecting TXN Mile points.

If Velocimeter is granted a share of the second half of grants, these will be used to extend this campaign and continue to incentivize the same users.

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