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We’re just days away from the sale of the century! Not much news to report (admittedly I’ve been a bit preoccupied strategizing for Monday). But I can offer you a quick breakdown of Vogu’s latest dispatch, plus a few additional sale specifics.

ICYMI – From the Vogu Wire:

*“As our momentous randomized sale approaches, we would like to thank our loyal patrons for their continued support and unparalleled enthusiasm. The circumstances surrounding this drop have been somewhat unusual, but we can assure you that this collection meets the Vogu standard in both design and tech. We remain deeply committed to bringing you the best user experience possible and hope that you enjoy Monday’s event.

Thank you once again,

The Vogu Collective” *

One, you’re welcome. And two, “somewhat unusual”? An odd descriptor for a ransomware attack. Though I suppose this sort of aloof, intentionally vague language tracks with the brand’s public image. Cool. Confident. Unbothered.

The brand’s internal atmosphere, however, might be described as tense, cautious, methodical. Sources within Vogu’s Quality Control Dept have verified that after rigorous inspection these pirated tars do indeed meet the company’s impressively high standards. From a Testing Analyst: “Got to try several myself. I looked amazing and I felt amazing. No notes.” Vogu execs also brought in the elusive (and very expensive) robot shaman, Ivory, to review the collection for rarity and interface utility. All accounts indicate the robo-synergy expert approved.

So, the countdown is on to buy one of these 7,777 unique tars. Newly released sale info specified that these bots will be fixed to the Ethereum blockchain. Priced at .077 ETH each (no bonding curve).

Sale starts at 5pm PDT on Monday, July 26th.

These will be available for purchase at the Vogu website: https://thevogu.io/

More info here : https://thevogu.medium.com/launch-plan-405264f60e54

Good luck on the sale everyone! As for me, I’m off to Nebula 4 to cover the food shortage. I may be gone for a bit, but know I have my sensors to the ground in search of the next big scoop! Ciao!

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