MUTTS: Companion Info

Unless you’ve been living under a space rock, you’ve very likely seen the latest tar news—The Vogu Collective is set to release a collection of randomized companion bots. Been working my sources to bring you all the info I can on this extraordinary new product…

As announced via an animated teaser earlier this week, Vogu plans to release Multi-Utility Terra Trekking Systems, aka MUTTS, as Tar companion bots. A surprising offering for two reasons: one, no tar vendor has ever produced non-Tar bots before and two, MUTTS are almost exclusively used for industrial purposes. Often found in the mines of Mercury and Venus, these four-legged, rather plain, terrestrial bots are designed for work. Not play.

Until now.

The Vogu development team has undertaken an ambitious re-design that will see MUTTS repurposed for recreation, entertainment, and companionship. An accessory/pet hybrid that is sure to revolutionize the Tar market. One source on the dev team promised, “these robodogs will be fun and stylish, nothing like the bots you see at your job.” Robodogs is a reference to the animal that inspired the frame and movement of the utility bot’s design. Dogs, like other earth animals, are now housed in Preservation SEEDs 3 & 4. Along with other animals such as the beloved dik dik. Prior to the pet ban of the 3348 galaxy migrations, the beloved animal made for a devoted companion. Vogu hopes to recreate the spirit of the owner/pet bond with this new property.

To ensure the success of this novel product line, Vogu has asked popular duo Saxton and Sheldon to consult on a few features. Despite their eccentric dispositions, the twins are deft trend forecasters and respected specialists in organic hype. Their endorsement would be a boon for any mint. Early word? The twins are impressed.

Vogu’s groundbreaking foray into an alt robotics vertical signifies the beginning of a new era for the company. As previously reported, the board installed a special exec to assist with its post-7,777 direction. Insiders indicate that the addition has energized the team and brought bigger picture objectives into view. From a leaked internal memo: “We are already the best tar retailer on the market, but as we move forward, our goal is to redefine the market itself. Thus, we are centering our focus around boundary-pushing innovation and robust community building…”

As proof of their commitment to the community, Vogu’s first MUTTS release will be exclusive to the 7,777. One Mutt per Tar. Bot generation and distribution will be randomized—a method Vogu loyalists have really come to enjoy. Drop is expected early next month. I should mention the price… 0 ETH + gas. Not a typo. These are gifts! From Vogu to their most enthusiastic patrons. A big fat thank-you to the community.

Personally, I am stoked about this development. Have two Mutts coming my way. Keen to see if this is a one-off or if more community outreach projects (as in freebies) are in the works. As always, will keep you posted…

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