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TNN - Exclusive Vogu:Miami Edition

EXCLUSIVE. New details emerge regarding The Vogu Collective’s latest drop. 

Vogu: Miami is here. The galaxy’s number one tar corp launched its new venture this month— a collection of merchandise and tech accessories inspired by 1980s-2020s Miami culture and aesthetics. As a special nod to the tar heads out there, the Vogu team is giving TNN readers exclusive insight into the forthcoming line. Let’s get to it… 

What will the collection include? Vogu: Miami will be the first tar corp line to incorporate both merch and tar tech elements. Up until this point, these divisions have operated and released separately. With Vogu: Miami, however, customers can buy both a fresh new jacket and an updated cranial display all under the same sub-brand umbrella. 

For the merch elements, the Vogu team promises a wide range of apparel and analog accessories. They are especially excited about their new surfboard, which capitalizes on the recent resurgence of the ancient sport (enabled by the miles-long wind generators popping up throughout the Big Atlantic). As for apparel, you can expect the best streetwear the market has to offer, from statement blazers to stylish hoodies, as well as design collaborations with some of the hottest artists in Miami. 

Developed to enhance the fun times, new tech features will include shoulder attachments with expanded visual and audio functions. Image resolution is as vibrant as it gets, while sound system quality will elevate all your favorite tunes. 

What is the overall vibe of the collection? To sum it up: cyberpunk meets retro Miami. Inspired by the culture of the city itself, the Vogu: Miami line marries past and present. 

Why Miami? One, the aesthetics are cool and two, Vogu wanted to celebrate the unique, community-driven culture that has emerged from the Miami Keys archipelago in recent years. A little backstory:  

While most of humankind has written off earth re-habitation, four science communities remain steadfast in their ambition to return human life to its planet of origin. Operating independently of each other, these communities have undertaken multiple large-scale bio experiments over the years, each at their chosen earthside locations. Miami is one of these locations. A promising one at that. 

Miami scientists have yet to sustain plant or mammal lifeforms, but they have managed to revive several fish species. The Miami Fish Farms house some of the only living biological creatures on earth. Envisioning a near future in which tars and humans walk the earth together, a community of believers have bet on Miami to be the first in human re-habitation. Accordingly, these hopefuls, or investors rather, have bought up land and dwellings across the isles. 

Given the community’s aspirations, it is no surprise that the emergent culture is largely influenced by the city’s old way of life. Houses are stark white with prominent window features and high ceilings. Faux palm trees and artificial sand line the beaches. Flashy sports cars, made in the style of ancient automobiles, zip around the streets. Speed boats fill the harbors. There is a thriving art scene. A party always to be found. A new ancient gadget to rediscover. 

Miami’s cultural identity is distinct and well-defined, its community committed to long term gains. To help grow their investment, tar residents often assist the Miami labs in their various pursuits. Ultimately, advancing the re-habitation project is a community endeavor. 

From Vogu CEO Trackzy: “Last year’s 7,777 release helped Vogu better understand the value of shared identity and community when building an authentic and lasting brand. The Vogu: Miami line is a celebration of a city which exemplifies these values. In the future, we plan to amplify and celebrate the many other interesting and dynamic subcultures populating our galaxy.” 

Vogu: Miami orders are being taken now and I’ve heard this may be a limited run! We will return to the TNN Crew Chronicles next month!