Updates on the MUTTS

Apologies for the TNN’s recent inactivity. My robot shaman recommended a communications detox to cleanse the soul circuits. Was feeling quite zen… until Vogu announced the MUTTS drop date…now I’m hyped and online…

A brief recap: Two months ago, Vogu teased the release of a groundbreaking new product line, Tar companions. The ambitious project would see Multi-Utility Terra Trekking Systems, small animal-like utility bots often used for mining, redesigned and repurposed for recreation, entertainment, and companionship. A best friend for your Tar. Vogu promised to gift its first MUTTS collection to the 7,777 holders. Popular influencers Saxton and Sheldon quickly co-signed the venture.

We are now just days away from the official release.

And apparently, these bots are better than we could have imagined. Fun, lively, stylish. Deadly in some cases (have you seen the flame-thrower?). Vogu insiders attribute the extraordinary tech and design to the tireless efforts of the dev team. One insider said, “I don’t think they’ve left The Basement since August.” The Basement is employee slang for Vogu’s R&D facility. The insider added, “they sure order alotta pizza.”

Working off an archived MUTTS prototype nixed decades ago by the Vogu Industrial Bots Division, the dev team was able to pull off quite the feat in just two months. From Trackzy, Vogu CEO:

“I am so proud of our development team and all they have accomplished. Cutting edge innovation, refined tech, and design artistry cannot be rushed. Our goal is to reimagine and reinvent the robotics space. We will not compromise quality or creativity in pursuit of this goal.”

A respectful nod to the doubters, Trackzy?

Those who kept the faith will be enjoying their new MUTTS come Tuesday. And perhaps a few more goodies in the coming month? Hearing a merch collaboration is in the works. As is a possible partnership with a noted earth-tech company. Details are scarce, but a source offers the following clues: sleek, smart, seamless.

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