Vogu: Hijackings and ransomware attacks oh my!

I know that everyone has heard the rumors by now. According to internal company reports, the rumors circulating these past few months are true. There was indeed an attempted hijacking of a Vogu shipment. The shipment, said to be carrying almost 1,000 newly minted Ongo tars, was scheduled to depart from the Met manufacturing stadium on April 15th when a crew of unmarked attack bots descended upon the loading dock. Seemingly, with the intent to steal the goods. A Vogu employee present at the time said of the shadow bots: “they were incredibly organized and outfitted in some killer high-grade tech.” Thankfully, Rabbot (Vogu’s famed Head of Security) and his team of Centurians were on hand to prevent the would-be historic heist. The employee added: “Centurians, man. F*cking legends.” No word yet as to who hired the shadow crew. Growing speculation points to the burgeoning of yet another Index corp war. \n

Since the incident, Vogu has upped their transport and facility security two-fold. Though a recent event, just nine days ago, suggests that efforts may have been better spent securing the company’s firewall. Hmm, on the ransomware attack.

On July 16th, a ransomware attack breached the Vogu firewall causing 72 hours of chaos for the beloved tar retailer. The hackers, who identified themselves as the culprits behind April’s attempted hijacking, made a series of demands that included Vogu forfeiting their Mercury 7 mining rights. If demands were not met, hackers threatened to override the company’s manufacturing software system. Vogu brass, having none of that shit, immediately deployed its cyber security team to remove the threat. However, it took three days to clear the system. During that time, the hackers commandeered machinery comp programs and minted 7,777 unique tars. Efforts to trace the hackers are underway. Some at Vogu wonder how the crew had such intricate knowledge of their network. Was this an inside job? My sources are pointing me towards Marcus Yalocic aka Mellow Yellow, the infamous hacker whose parents were killed during a demonstration at the Vogu headquarters. Either way, the emphasis on mining rights furthers the theory that this shadow crew is likely affiliated with an Index rival. Meanwhile, what to do with all these tars? One source commented: “There are, like, so many tars. They look really really cool, but, like, no one ordered them?” For a company that specializes in customizable tars, this unauthorized production is a potential mega-waste of materials and could be financially catastrophic. In the hopes of recouping partial costs, Vogu is considering a grand strip down that would see parts sold to other vendors. Personally, I prefer the second option— a public sale of the hackers’ collection. (To own one of these pirated tars would be kinda awesome, no?) Vogu is wary of the idea, having never conducted such a large, complex sale. But fortunately (for me), the option remains on the table. My sources? Well, they say Monday. I’ll confirm this. In the meantime, watch out for any official announcements.

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