DAO News and Lensverse Updates

All-Hands Meeting This Monday 5:00 pm EDT / 9:00 pm UTC

Hello Team,

As you know, we have been working on DAO structure and plan moving forward. We did get enough votes in favor of the DAO moving to our own Discord, but nothing is happening yet. We are working on building up participation in the DAO first.

I (Candy) am committed to making this DAO a success and I have been brainstorming plans around the ideas Juanzie, CryptAdvisor, XYZBar, and myself have had for the DAO.

Instead of boring you with another long article, I made you this video... lol silent video, but a video nonetheless.

I hope this video finds you well. Please remember to join our All-Hands Meeting Tomorrow (Monday) at 5:00 pm EDT / 9:00 pm UTC

🌿💫 Lensverse Updates

🔘 Orb

Orb, the professional decentralized social media app on Lens, just shipped some HUGE updates! Check out the next two tweets to see what they did.

🌿 📊 Lens Stats

Lens Stats has been improved to the all-new Lenscan.io. Check out the tweets below to see how to use it and the new dashboard.

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Don’t forget the DAO’s weekly events!

🌟 We need you to make the DAO successful!

  • 🎯 Monday:

    • DAO All-Hands Meeting 9:00 pm UTC / 5:00 pm EDT

  • 📓 Tuesday:

    • DAO Writer’s Guild Meeting 9:00 pm UTC / 5:00 pm EDT

  • 🎤 Wednesday:

    • Web3 News Chat—Weekly Rollup Podcast Prep 4:00 pm UTC / 11 am EDT

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