How The Web3 Academy DAO Will Lead The Charge Into The Future

The evolution of technology has touched every aspect of life. Industrial Revolutions have occurred periodically throughout human history. With each revolution, society underwent profound changes. Since the first industrial revolution, society has continuously advanced technologically with unprecedented speed (Moore's Law) and quantity (Digital Revolution).

But with every change comes resistance from the status quo—some accept it, others fight it. We are in the fourth industrial revolution, where blockchain technology disrupts every industry we see today. Like the Industrial Revolution that transformed the world in the 1800s, the blockchain will have a similar impact—making digital ownership and individual empowerment the new norm, changing the world forever.

With decentralization, people will no longer have to rely on centralized entities, like Facebook and Google, to navigate the web.

For businesses, using blockchain technology will become a must for efficient processes and profitability as businesses become leaner and faster.

This technology, like a cyclone, is ripping through our current system with little notice; eventually, every business will need to adapt or be left behind.

And it's for these reasons that Web3 Academy created a DAO to work in partnership with us to address these future challenges in a decentralized manner; businesses, entrepreneurs, and creators are going to need new tools and resources to navigate this vast ocean of opportunities. And that's where the DAO comes in.

What is Our Mission?

Web3 is in its early stages, and the DAO and our mission are to help support entrepreneurs, businesses, and creators, who are and will move into this space with all the training, resources, products, and services they'll need to thrive and grow in this new web environment.

Who is Web3 Academy?

Web3 Academy is an educational and media company. It aims to provide training and other resources, like podcasts and newsletters, to help our core audience (mentioned in our mission statement above) enter and succeed in the web3 world.

Who is Web3 Academy DAO?

Web3 Academy DAO is a separate and distinct company, yet it shares the same aims as its parent company, web3 Academy; it was born on July 2022 out of Web3 Academy's discord community.

Although the aims are similar, the DAO's mission is broader; its purpose is not only to educate but also to build resources, tools, products, and services to accomplish this mission.

As a DAO, it has its native token (the $DOER) and governance. Web3 Academy has no stake in, control, or influence over Web3 Academy DAO, except for Web3 Academy members who own $DOER governance tokens.

Think of it like the Sony and Marvel studios' partnership—two separate companies working together to achieve the same goal—to create a damn good Spidey movie. Or, in our case, a damn good ecosystem where entrepreneurs, businesses, and artisans can flourish and succeed in this new decentralized world called web3.

What Does Web3 Academy DAO Bring to the Table?

Again, the DAO aims to build proprietary products and services for the blockchain ecosystem and provide the best community learning experience available. The purpose is to get you, as an entrepreneur, creator, or business person, up and running in web3 as quickly as possible, giving you the tools you need to prosper.

Currently, we are creating a Yelp-like DApp web3 tool library, called Web3pedia, where you can search for any DApp for any use case without using Google (and subjecting yourself to their prying eyes); this tool will be right at your fingertips, fully curated--DApps, for example, like Avenue, a collaboration tool similar to Discard, and VoiceDAO, a web3 onboarding DApp for non-techies. In addition, you'll also be able to create reviews and ratings just like on yelp or amazon.

To provide the best learning experience available, the DAO offers various learning opportunities on Discord: a sandbox session every Thursday, where some of the community meet up to brainstorm ideas for people looking for ideas for building and marketing products or services in the web3 environment. Or, perhaps, even within the DAO itself. We hope to provide funding for some projects in the future for a modest stake in the business.

Second, on Mondays and Tuesdays, the DAO holds community calls, where we greet and onboard newbies; discuss the latest Web3 Academy podcast, where you can get the latest trends and news in web3; and discuss other relevant community topics.

And last, there is a lot to learn as you engage in lively, ongoing discord discussions and chats on all things web3. The DAO also plans to supplement these discussions with information products, like courses and newsletters, to build an impressive talent pool to help it fulfill its mission.

Simply put, Web3 Academy DAO is Shark Tank on Steroids, where you will eventually be able to tap the funds, knowledge, and skills of tons of talented people in the DAO to help you build your business and succeed in this new exciting space.

New Governance and Utility Token Called the $DOER

Now, let's talk tokens or crypto. The $DOER, Web3 Academy DAO's native utility and governance token, will be used to achieve different functionalities within the DAO. It's a tool for organizing the community and for rewarding contributors.

For now, it has no value, and that's by design. Our initial goals for this token are to create utility within the DAO's ecosystem and to create revenue streams for the DAO before going to market. Once we have satisfactorily accomplished these goals and made some inherent value, our next step is to go to market and create liquidity.

Right now, these tokens are just future promises of ownership and governance over the DAO and its assets. However, once we reach our goal—to become "the" place for businesses, entrepreneurs, and creators to come for support in leveraging Web3—the $DOER will be very valuable.

The $DOER tokenizes the DAO's mission and represents our vision and culture, a community of doers and revolutionaries seeking to help entrepreneurs, business people, and creators better their prospects in this new world we're creating with blockchains.

And Web3 Academy DAO is leading the charge into this glorious future.

Web3 Academy DAO Built to Last

As we charge into the future, ready to pivot as needed and adapt as things evolve, Web3 Academy DAO's tri-part structure--guilds, projects, and operators--is built with the agility and nimbleness required to navigate this ever-changing web3 topology.

So what are guilds, projects, and operators, and what do they do?

Guilds are individual working silos of expertise and skills—marketers, artists, writers, designers, developers, etc.— collaborating on projects to help companies, creators, and entrepreneurs execute their vision.

Projects are the undertakings of the guilds. And their task is to help people learn the ins and outs of this exciting new space and provide them with the tools they need for success. (Projects are the life-blood of the guilds and are a collaborative effort among different guilds).

Operators are unique positions held by the founders and elected community leaders within the DAO. Operators support the DAO with vision and culture, governance, initiatives, treasury, operations, talent, and community management.

We are looking for people to fit into any of these categories.

How To Take part?

So, how can you participate? Well, before I tell you how, let me talk about the benefits of joining our DAO—in other words, what's in it for you?

When you join, you will be part of a growing community of like-minded individuals; have access to exclusive resources, like our web3pedia tool library; participate in active discussions about the insane, chaotic world of crypto. And learn, like the rest of us, learn how to navigate this new terrain; get help and support for your project or business idea, a free business consultation, grants (when implemented) for your business projects, and finally, get the opportunity to give back.

Our mission is to build a one-stop-shop web3 product, service, and consulting agency. We want to be the Shark Tank of web3, an incubation and funding platform to help you, as an entrepreneur, creator, or businessperson, navigate and thrive in this new digital ecosystem.

Here's a list of seven more reasons to join us:

  • DAO ownership--You get a share of ownership of a rapidly growing organization with significant growth potential. In time, the $DOER token will appreciate significantly due to several factors: increased usage by users and members, the healthy growth of our guild network; the organic growth of our projects; and our ability to execute our mission.

  • Sandbox sessions—During these sessions, members talk about their projects or topics, and we offer feedback, share knowledge, and brainstorm together, which means you'll be able to tap the minds of some of the best marketers, developers, and business leaders, in the web3 world, a virtual mastermind group.

  • Training courses—if you're a beginner or an OG, we'll have classes to help you leap ahead of your competition—build skills like digital marketing, blockchain development, product design, web development, social media, and everything in between.

  • Exclusive resources—we are building a library of proprietary tools to help you grow your idea or business. Robust, unique web3 business and marketing systems that will only be accessible to DAO members are resources designed to help you build your business quickly and easily in this exciting, fast-paced space.

  • web3pedia--(say goodbye to google) we are curating DApps from DAOs to digital identity apps and covering the most imaginable Dapp use cases. The w3pedia will have a Yelp-like function, giving you what you need to make a sound buying decision.

  • Guilds—Guilds are our resident experts, ranging from A-list copywriters to blockchain developers and anything you'll need to get your project up and running seamlessly.

  • Lastly, we love people, and we'd love to have you.

Sign up now at Web3 Academy DAO to find out more, join and become a DOer.


— Contributors: Tim Jeffries, Stella Bouldin

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