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A Future of Smart Cities

Reimagining Urban Life through Technology

Do you ever wonder what the future will look like in our global urban areas? It's going to grow – rapidly – to the point where we won't even recognize it. Why so, you might ask. Smart city technology is going to help solve urban living. However, the arrival of smart cities promises a future where urban living will be more efficient, sustainable, and enjoyable. I can't say that without explaining the following topics:

  1. What is urban living?

  2. How will smart cities evolve?

  3. Three defining concepts of smart cities

  4. What is data-driven decision-making?

  5. Will immersive digital experiences be the norm

  6. A fictitious experience in a potential smart city.

What is urban living?

Urban living refers to towns, cities, and other densely populated areas. So, if we are still alive, we will see more shopping centers, public transportation, museums, and movie theaters. Moreover, to get from point A to point B, we will have the conveniences of light rail and possibly flying cars. (Don't laugh. They are already in development.)

The Evolution and Future of Smart Cities

In addition, the number of apartments and other multi-unit buildings will be more evident. Single-family homes will slowly vanish into the memories of our minds. Smart cities are going to spread globally. Gone will be the relaxing luxuries as technology speeds up our lives with more activities and events tempting us to get involved.

Three defining concepts for smart cities

Smart city technology will use various devices implementing advanced connectivity and combining Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Securing urban living will utilize data collection technologies, smart energy systems, smart mobility transportation technologies, and more. Just think. You will need these devices to tackle the urban challenges that are already present. Another key concept for smart cities is data-driven decision-making.

What is data-driven decision-making?

To begin with, Tableau explains data-driven decision-making (DDDM) as:

"…using facts, metrics, and data to guide strategic business decisions that align with your goals, objectives, and initiatives."

Will immersive digital experiences be the norm?

The other element needed to conquer urban challenges is immersive digital experiences. What do I mean? Let me introduce you to Claire and how she might interact in a futuristic smart city scenario.

In the heart of the futuristic city of Metropolis 3.0, Claire, a young urban planner, woke to the soft, ambient glow of her smart home. The ambient lighting, controlled by AI, was designed to match her circadian rhythm, shifting hues according to the time of day to promote optimal health and productivity. Her first task of the day was to analyze the city's population data to optimize the public transport routes, a chore made easier by the city's data-driven decision-making (DDDM) approach.

Sitting down at her holographic workstation, she slipped on her augmented reality (AR) glasses and immersed herself in a 3D model of Metropolis 3.0. The dynamic cityscape was overlaid with real-time data about traffic patterns, population density, and public transportation usage. Using this information, Claire made informed decisions about rerouting certain bus lines and adjusting train schedules to reduce congestion and improve efficiency.

After finishing her work, Claire decided to visit the city's central park. She called for an autonomous electric vehicle (AEV) using her smartwatch. The vehicle's AI used real-time traffic data to calculate the fastest and most energy-efficient route. During the ride, she enjoyed a virtual tour of the city's history through her AR glasses, a merging of technology and culture that added depth to her understanding of Metropolis 3.0.

Upon reaching the park, Claire joined a group of friends for a virtual reality (VR) workout class. They wore lightweight VR headsets that created an immersive, interactive environment. This digital experience made exercise more enjoyable and allowed them to monitor their vitals and performance data, further promoting health and wellness.

As the day ended, Claire returned home, reflecting on her interactions with the smart city. From her morning work optimizing transport routes to her VR workout, every aspect of her day was enhanced by DDDM and immersive digital experiences. Metropolis 3.0 was not just a city but a harmonious blend of technology and humanity, creating an urban living experience that was efficient, sustainable, and enjoyable.

To wrap up the story, Claire utilizes data-driven decision-making and immersive digital experiences for her daily activities. From optimized commuting via AI-informed transit systems to energy-efficient smart home management, technology, and human innovation complement her urban living experiences. These tools streamlined her day and offered a glimpse into how smart cities can revolutionize urban life. Are you ready?

An eye into the future

We can only anticipate what the future might bring as we live and work now. Smart city technology to solve urban living is already in the works. Cities are getting smarter, greener, and more efficient every day. Through IoT integration, data-driven decision-making, and immersive digital experiences, smart cities are indeed reimagining urban life.

Remember, the future is not something that just happens to us. It's something we're all building together. And in this shared future, smart cities will play a pivotal role.

Have you been wondering...

Where is Yakuza!?!

He's right here 👇 on 🎙 TrustMeBro.

Hosted by Yakuza and RyanFox.eth on Lens protocol. They record LIVE in Buttrfly spaces every Friday.

Guess What!?!

They are using Token Bound Accounts (TBA) aka ERC-6551, to collect content, create a prize pool, and collect art from the community to build a gallery.

They have a great show on Buttrfly

Here's TrustMeBro's site & their Gallery

See You There!!

Unleashing Potential: Exploring the Multifaceted World of Token Bound Accounts (ERC-6551)

In the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain technology, Token Bound Accounts (TBAs) emerge as a groundbreaking innovation, bringing a fresh wave of possibilities to digital asset management and interaction.

Rooted in the ERC-6551 standard, TBAs facilitate the bundling of multiple assets under a single non-fungible token (NFT), thereby redefining account ownership within the blockchain ecosystem.

This article embarks on a journey through various conceptual and real-world implementations of TBAs, shedding light on their potential to transform the digital realm.

The Genesis: Understanding ERC-6551

The ERC-6551 standard lays the foundation for TBAs by extending the functionality of the popular ERC-20 token standard. By creating a form of "bound" accounts, it enforces rules on which accounts can access the ERC-20 tokens, ushering in enhanced security and risk mitigation.

Conceptual Implementations: A Glimpse into the Future

The imaginative minds have already begun weaving the fabric of future implementations.

Among the many, the idea of a musician releasing an album where each song is a unique NFT within a broader album ensemble stands out.

It not only promotes digital ownership but also introduces a novel way to experience music albums. Other conceptual uses include integrating TBAs in newsletters, templates, maintenance logs, and educational transcripts, opening doors to many applications.

Current Implementations: The Real-World Playground

Venturing into the real world, several pioneering projects have embraced the ERC-6551 standard, forging unique pathways in the blockchain terrain:

  1. Gaming and Dynamic Generative NFTs:

    • An intriguing application of ERC-6551 is seen in gaming, where TBAs are employed to create dynamic generative NFTs for NPC gaming, offering a more interactive gaming experience​1​.

  2. Asset Management Interfaces:

    • Platforms like serve as account management interfaces for TBAs, allowing users to stack and manage their assets through token-bound accounts effortlessly​1​.

  3. Unique Naming Systems for NFTs:

    • Services like NFTR provide a unique domain name for each NFT, with the ability to deploy named TBAs. The TBA's names act as subdomains of the NFT's name, bridging the gap between conventional domain systems and blockchain-based identifiers​1​.

  4. Community Engagement and Reward Systems:

    • Platforms like Station employ TBAs to enable digital collectives to own, govern, reward, and grow their networks programmatically, thereby fostering community engagement and decentralized governance​1​.

  5. Friendly Asset Viewing Solutions:

    • Buddy Wallet is aimed at providing a beginner-friendly solution to viewing ERC6551 wallets, working on adding support for transferring assets in and out of the wallet, and even sending ETH with the wallet​1​.

  6. Subscription Services on Blockchain:

    • Subscription Bound Accounts (SBA) on the Celo blockchain leverage TBAs to onboard users through subscriptions that mint some credits to the user, enabling flexible tier-based subscriptions​1​.

  7. Marketplaces for Auctioning TBAs:

    • Fukuro presents a marketplace for auctioning EIP 6551 supported tokens, showcasing a blend of auction mechanics with the novel token standard​1​.

  8. Networking Platforms for AI-Driven NFTs:

    • Aquanet is designed as a social network for AI-Driven NFTs to interact and develop unique personalities, embodying a blend of artificial intelligence and blockchain through TBAs​1​.

  9. Conservation and Social Responsibility:

    • Habitat transforms energy from on-chain and off-chain regenerative activities into real trees, portraying how TBAs can be harnessed for environmental conservation and social responsibility initiatives​1​.

  10. Visualization Tools:

    • by Pinata helps demonstrate the multiple vectors that NFTs and data can be linked thanks to ERC-6551, providing insights into how TBAs are interconnected with other NFTs, tokens, and wallets​1​.

... and many more.

Future Horizons: What Lies Ahead

The horizon of TBAs is vast and promising. As more sectors and communities immerse themselves in the blockchain, the applications of TBAs will likely proliferate. Potential future endeavors may encompass:

  • Multi-chain Interoperability: Enhancing cross-chain interactions to foster a more inclusive blockchain ecosystem.

  • Legal Frameworks: Establishing legal frameworks to navigate the complexities of digital asset ownership and transfers.

  • Educational Initiatives: Crafting educational resources to demystify TBAs and promote wider adoption.


The realm of TBAs is a testament to the boundless potential of blockchain technology. As we continue to explore and understand the multifaceted applications of TBAs, we inch closer to a future where digital assets are owned and interacted with in a myriad of meaningful and value-driven ways. The narrative of TBAs is just beginning to unfold, and as it does, it promises to add vibrant colors to the blockchain's evolving tapestry.

The journey through the multifaceted world of TBAs unveils a future ripe with opportunities for innovation and transformation. As we traverse this path, the melding of creativity with technology will continue to unveil new vistas, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the digital realm.

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