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Welcome to the latest edition of our newsletter! We have some exciting updates and events to share with you.

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The DAO's Social Media:

We are thrilled to announce that we have received the shiny blue Elon stamp of approval! 🌟

This means that our social media efforts won't go to waste.

To stay connected and up-to-date with all our latest announcements, ensure you're following us on Twitter and have your notifications turned on. Engaging with our tweets by leaving comments or liking them will help boost our visibility in the Twitter algorithm.

Additionally, we have set up a form for you to submit tweets and threads. If you'd like to contribute directly from the DAO account, we're also working on setting up tweet decks for your convenience.

DAO Meeting

We have a DAO meeting scheduled for Monday at 5 o'clock Eastern time. We will meet in our NEW Web3 Academy DAO Discord in the #DAO Voice Channel.

Join the DAO DOers Voice Channel

During this meeting, we will discuss our consulting services and the possibility of offering a newsletter service and launching the DAO website! Your input and participation are valuable, so mark your calendars and join us to contribute your ideas.

W3A Event Announcements

How to Invest in Application Tokens

Get ready for an epic event that you won't want to miss! 🚀

🗓️ When: Tuesday, 27th of June, 12pm-1pm EDT

📌 Where: W3A Discord

This time, Kyle will be diving into the topic of How to Invest in Application Tokens. He will share valuable insights on investing in dApps, protocols, DAOs, social tokens, etc.

The best part? This event is FREE for everyone! 🥳

The Web3 Academy team will wrap up the event with a special AMA session for PRO members, where you can ask your burning questions. If you're not already a PRO, consider upgrading your subscription using the link in <https://newsletter.w3academy.io/s/web3-academy-pro>.

Discord Event Link: Web3 Academy Discord

Podcast News Rollup Prep

Join us on Wednesday morning at 11 AM Eastern time for the Web3 Academy team's Podcast News Rollup Prep. This is a great opportunity to connect with the team, ask questions about the latest headlines, and contribute to our podcast. We value your insights and look forward to collaborating with you.

🌿💫 Lens Updates

Check out the latest podcast Stani was on. Odisea 03: The future of DeFi and web3 social with Stani Kulechov. Check out their blog on Mirror.xyz

🦋 Buttrfly Update

Spaces are coming to Buttrfly. Look who we found in the Buttrfly Space Preview. 👇

Thank You

That's all for this edition of the newsletter. Stay tuned for more updates and exciting opportunities coming your way. Remember to follow us on Twitter, engage with our content, and be an active member of our thriving community.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication!

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📆 Web3 Academy DAO Weekly Events🎯

Don’t forget the DAO’s weekly events!

🌟 We need you to make the DAO successful!

  • 🎯 Monday:

    • DAO All-Hands Meeting 9:00 pm UTC / 5:00 pm EDT

  • 📓 Tuesday:

    • DAO Writer’s Guild Meeting 9:00 pm UTC / 5:00 pm EDT

  • 🎤 Wednesday:

    • Web3 News Chat—Weekly Rollup Podcast Prep 4:00 pm UTC / 11 am EDT

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