Camino Notes | Day 10.5

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Joey Magia


I slept like a baby last night, and my body is now wondering why I've not already begun walking yet. I fell asleep with my phone in my hand trying to write about my experience yesterday, but the bed and the duvet and the sandman had their way.

These long walks now feel seemingly casual, but the physical demands on the body add up. Considering the journey ahead, it won't be a bad idea to double down on my break-rest-sleep investments.

Yesterday as I trot along, I found myself asking again why I chose to go on the Camino? What am I expecting to get out of it? And once I'm finished, what's next?

And while I do not identify a single reason for going on this journey, the most obvious one seems to 'caminar' - to walk - and in so doing, learn to focus more and more on the doing of things NOW rather than later or before.

The first week is now past, and another week(s) of walking, resting, sleeping and writing await. Now it's time to walk.

Let's get going.

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