Camino Notes | Day 11

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Joey Magia


Today is a good day to share some...thoughts I've been ruminating on since starting the Camino. I find that in my internal monologue - excepting the moments of exaggerated imagination and personal comedy between myself and I - there have been recurring themes.

Here is a dump of some of them:

  • In walking, every step taken is crucial, and to be able to focus on the conditioned reflex of left-right motion and deliberately drive the automatic action manually - is partly, the essence of the Camino.

  • Some mountains and hills look strangely vertical from afar, like a wall that cannot be climbed, but on closer inspection they reveal their steep lessons to be learned and overcome.

  • There are many paths to a given destination, and regardless of the route taken, the distance is essentially covered one step at a time.

  • How does one come to enjoy the monotony of a repetitive task? My Genius says by single-pointed concentration on every moment of carrying out the task, because the persistence of the passage of Time is the distraction and frustration that keeps said task monotonous.

There are many other musings rumbling through my head as I walk through the day. But there is one crucial one brewing that hit me on my 2nd day.

The Body-Mind-Spirit trinity. This thought-topic seems an interesting playground to learn about both Self and unknownSelf(s). From what I gathered, Body is the vessel carrying Spirit through this physical plane, and Mind is the translator of 'Feelings' and 'Experience, between the two.

What bugs me though is - what role do DREAMS play? Is that the Spirit's experiential plane only accessible when the Body and sense organs are shut off, and Mind again plays as translator of 'Feelings' and 'Experience'?

Weird stuff - I know, told my Genius the same thing.

Of what use are these thoughts and the sharing of them? Well, while I expect the Camino to be transformative, I do not expect Compostela to hold the answers to all the questions that fly through my head. Just as my feet physically carry me to each town on the journey to Santiago, my 'thinking' (or lack thereof) are the seemingly mental-spiritual steps to help me reach where I need to go.

Just as the immediate purpose of the Camino is to 'caminar', so it seems the same for monologuing. You'd be surprised what audience the trees, grasshoppers and cattle make.




PS - about the Genius references above, please see below:

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