Camino Notes | Day 12.5

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Joey Magia

Baños de Montemayor.

I slept like a baby last night, and I am grateful to my body for putting up with my insistence to walk more kilometres whenever we deliberately choose to after assessing our state-of-tiredness and time-mindedness.

Yesterday's camino from Carcaboso was definitely the toughest so far. I think the initial stretch of 34KM to Aldeanueva del Camino - only passing by the Roman city of Caparra and with nothing else really in-between - was mentally challenging.

We'll, I can't say there was nothing in-between; there was the choice to detour off the path after Ventaquemada, but I chose to keep moving forward.

Perhaps it was being accompanied by Ben Okri's 'The Freedom Artist' audiobook that made the walk engaging. I have listened to the book twice before, but after yesterday's walk, I'm certain I need to read the physical copy.

Now after having my first sit-down breakfast since I started the Camino (wait, don't judge me - I'm usually satisfied with gouging fruits the night before), I'm eager to re-listen to the book again in my way to the next stop.

Afterall, isn't a part of the Camino about finding some type of Freedom with every step towards Compostela?

No? Ah - seems it's just us then Genius.

Off we go.

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