Camino Notes | Day 16.5

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Joey Magia

NB: This was written early in the morning before I set out today; seems I did not publish as I thought I did. Here it is.

(Back in) El Cubo de la Tierra del Vino.

I am just about to set off to Zamora, and the sound of the sleepless wind outside reminded me to catch up with these posts before sacrificing the indoor warmth for outdoor walks.

Yesterday's camino from Salamanca was strangely lethargic and drawn out. My felt my pace dragging with every step - perhaps having to do with my excessive consumption of bread these days - and taking more breaks than needed to sit and semi-sleep.

If you ask me, I think my body was staging a private revolt after travelling 50KM and being given less than 8hrs of sleep.

As I was about 1KM outside of El Cubo', the rain began in earnest, and I wryly laughed at my predicament; maybe my head was eager for a shower and slowed down my legs and feet - all the while summoning the rain to fall.

The moment I got into the hostel, I slipped into bed and knocked out - even opting-out of buying some things for the journey tomorrow. Sleep at this point seems to be the only real resource I need to keep me going (with Water and Food of course, but my stomach isn't staging any revolts as of yet).

...Seems the wind got quiet just now; I better set off before it wakes with the rising sun...



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