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Shift in Gears; Change in Direction

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Joey Magia

(Back in) Tábara.

How do we find wisdom in monotony and routine? The answer I felt has been to focus attention on each moment spent engaged in whatever activity is frequently repeated; so much so that one's body, mind and Spirit become involved and momentarily inseparable from the activity itself.

Then what is the function of variety? Spice!? Perhaps - but more so, to rest and return with more wisdom before re-engaging in a familiar activity.

The journey to Santiago and the routine of the Camino has not changed much from day to day. There are different but similar sights, changing but common landscapes, as well as unique but common places with varying churches, hostels and people, but all having that identifiable touch of the Camino in all of them.

And this has reflected itself in these Camino Notes.

But the one unchanging thing that has birthed the most variety, are the internal monologues with Genius. With less than 300KM until Santiago, I feel it would be worthwhile to share more of these discourses in these notes.

The Camino de Santiago will end soon, but the Camino of Life, Mind, Truth and Love continue long after my legs have rested and the end of the world (Finisterre) is reached.

Let's shift gears a bit, shall we?



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