Camino Notes | Day 9

Casar de Cáseres.

Up at 6:30am, out at 7:30am, fresh bread at 8am, aching legs at 8:21, short break at 10:05, long break at 12...

Yeah, another day on the Camino. It didn't go exactly as above, but the early start to the day allowed me adjust my pace accordingly and stored slowly through the chilly morning while the Sun took its sweet time to rise - like a yawn and looooong gratifying stretch before getting out of bed.

These days, what occupies my mind the most besides Paolo Coelho audiobooks (specifically 'The Alchemist' and 'Pilgrimage') is the journey ahead and what will be one of ...ME?... post-camino. As I entered Cáceres, I noticed that I preferred the coziness of the smaller pueblos to the hustle and bustle of bigger cities.

I wonder if I'll need a reintegration once I return home; lamenting with Camino blues as I ache for another getaway through dry plains trekking town-to-town distances.

Well, better finish this Camino first before daydreaming about others.

Now more than halfway through Extremadura, I am looking forward to the next towns to come before entering the province of Castille and Leon - to learn what lessons the roads there have to teach, whether the flies also buzz the same, and how my legs will take tutelage from the Land over there.

First Walks first, then other Caminos after.

P.S - still getting used to the 'Capirotes' since learning more about them in Sevilla...

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