Camino Stories | Day 25 (Retrospective)

Lessons in Patience...

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Joey Magia

My eagerness to take advantage of the good weather and walk over 50KM caught up with my knee. The journey to Ourense was a lesson in patience.

Not only did the rain return teasing between shower spells and light torrents, but my pace was dictated by my left knee; forging ahead when possible and trotting with a half-limp when tired.

From the start of the Camino I had promised myself to not overwork my body or put myself in danger or peril - and so far I had kept my word - but my excitement to cover large distances when the skies were clear led me to overwork my faithful limbs that had taken me so far.

It's a strange feeling when the end of a journey is close. What at the start of the day required patient steps to cover the distance turns into a hurried pace once a few kilometres are left.

Finishing a task with the same concentration and care it started with is a lesson I am yet to learn, but my knee served me the primer for this class. I moved with the pace of a patient tortoise; taking as many breaks as I need when the rain subsided and slowing down my pace whenever required.

Because Santiago was already on the horizon, and slow motion is better than no motion.



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