Camino Stories | Days 26-29 (Retrospective)

About reaching goals...and failing

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Joey Magia

I reached Santiago de Compostella, but even now as I journal from the comfort of my home far away from Galicia it feels as though the journey of a thousand kilometres is not done. It's never done - it never ends. Every step that brought me closer to Santiago was simultaneously finishing a journey while starting a new one. The physical exhaustion of trekking from 28 days was substituted with the mental flight to soar over my limits and overcome the walls that block my bodily ascension.

Getting to Santiago was a lesson in reaching goals. I could have driven or flown to Santiago, thereby cutting the long journey of the Camino and saving time. But I chose to walk there - to save travel expenses of course - but more so to go through the transformation of mind and body over matter. Maybe the journey in Life to achieve success is closer to a million steps than a two-hour flight.

I did not reach Finisterre, but perhaps that is a journey for another time.

Failing is also an interesting teacher, much like Fear. To have begun and done is to have succeeded against inertia and escaped the prison of thought to find the freedom of action. Failing, then, is perhaps the opportunity to live again an experience of growth to fortify those lessons learnt and refine the rules set deep in the foundations of growth. Fear acts as the bait...will you? or won't you? And the flip side of the paralyzing Fear coin is the energizing force of Will coaxing us to the edge of the deep end - to take a leap of Faith into uncertainty.

The Camino was fun. In retrospect, perhaps it was just what I need to start the neverending Camino of Life.

Let's go.

Buen Camino

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