Camino Thoughts | Day 20.5

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Joey Magia

(Before I left) Vilar de Farfón.

Hello Genius. Hi - we should both be sleeping.

I know, but thought I better get started experimenting with this new writing form. Fair enough; I'm happy to participate openly in your web-versations.

Yesterday's walk was tiring; I thought I felt Polarity pulling me to the other end away from being social to walk in solitude and be alone for the evening. True - the extra 20KM was a steep price to pay for time alone, but the apple trees in the orchard made up for that; not to speak of the evening at Albergue Rehoboth.

Yeah, Albergue Rehoboth - that was something. We narrowly missed the rain and had the room to ourselves. NICE! And Craig was quite the host. Do you mean his ministering or the hot dinner?

Well, both, but more the conversation. He was super into Theology right!? Yeah, but more than that, what about the Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican, Christianity-Modernism, Pope Pius X and all that - was that not a lot to get into after a 40KM walk?

It was a lot to get into, but that's always a risk once we have our interest stimulated - and Religion falls in that category - would we have read the Bible otherwise? It happened as it happened, who knows.

Well, what did you think of it? (Sigh) - there's a thin line between being an attentive listener and playing the role of passive conversationalist. Passivity kills time and needless preaching dampens enthusiasm. Good on you for listening; shame on you for the limited engagement - next time excuse yourself if you're tuning out.

I see. Does the same apply to our monologues? Ha! Switch off as you please - heed my words as you need.

Let's switch off for now then...Goodnight then. Talk soon.



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