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About Writing and Walking

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Joey Magia

Hello! It's been 2 days already; how are you keeping up with the wet walks and sleepy eyes? Hi! Well the weather has been more suitable for food and rest than walking and writing.

That's your excuse? You know the weather is always good for writing, especially after a hot meal before bed. Please don't make me feel worse - I know. But my hands and fingers are just as heavy as my legs and toes after carrying drenched weight for 30+ kilometres.

Fair enough - any wisdom from the rain to share? That's my question; I should be asking you - you're the Genius.

Yes, and I attend to you. Go on - don't be shy...(Sigh!) The fear of failing to reach a desired destination begins to ebb away from the moment we start working, and furthermore as we strive and take each step towards our goal. What do you think?

I think what you're trying to say is - you care less about the rain and more about walking when you are soaked and already out on the road. Correct? I was trying to extend the idea to a broader context.

You tried well, but the exactness of your experience gives more credence to the point you are making. Platitudes and 'feel good' statements look better in books or on TV.

That's harsh!

Well it's true - don't play down your experience of walking in the rain; there are deeper lessons your mind and muscles are still extrapolating.


Good. Now shall we catch up with the next post ASAP?

(Continued in Day 22)



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