Camino Thoughts | Day 22

About Sleep

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Joey Magia

(36 hours ago back in) Lubián.

The walk to Lubián was another case of a wet and weary walk, no? Yes indeed, but it stayed light and drizzly for the most part until we were 1KM from the Albergue.

Yes. We are becoming Aquamen Peregrinos the way we march through the rain. And soon we'll be Eskimo Caminantes at the pace we're adapting to the cold.

Vilar de Farfón was fun though; remember Craig and the Rehoboth and the Bible we got? YEAH! Plus we had the whole room to ourselves (there were just 4 beds) with a warm dinner, shower and bed.

You see! It was perfect for writing despite the long walk from Tábara, wasn't it!? Yes indeed.

Asturianos was nice with the different folks we met there - save for the one pilgrim who slept on to the other side. Yeah...that was nice and sobering at the same time. Life comes at you fast.

Same with Death - two halves of a football game and any side can score at any time. Still, no one really expects to go in their sleep like that. Why not? Just because... you know, we form the habit of sleeping and waking up everyday. Ok, but Nas told you Sleep is the cousin of Death; you don't need a NY state of mind to know this!? Come on Genius, be real - do you sleep with the awareness that you might skip into eternity while you're snoring?

Number one, I'm a spirit. Number two, who told you I snore? Nevermind - all I'm saying is that got me thinking again about the transitory nature of Life and living; the importance of savouring each moment and each step on this grand Camino of Life...maybe Compostela can wait a few years. Compostela will wait; Finisterre won't.

To Finisterre we go then?Yes, to the end of the world we journey.

No surprises?

The rain promises nothing.

(Sigh) A pilgrim can dream.



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