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Joey Magia

After multiple tries to rectify the non-publishing bug that will not leave my dashboard, I finally kicked myself out of inertia to delay sweet sleep and write again. Writing never stopped - but perhaps the Mirror hitch to my consistency was also a blessing in disguise; to rest my head and fingers from repetitive themes, unending streams and ever-running waters of letters and words, before starting again this new chapter of phrases and paragraphs.

…after Mirror

Comes the return to ink and paper and pen

Again the rebirth of keys and screens

Night lights for blue lights

From screens at


came Envy…

Watching and waiting

Patiently procrastinating

As anxiously ambitious Ants

Work work work away in chains

Strutting swankily to mounds and hills

Never waiting never stopping never resting

Work work working in lines of organised chaos

Still watching and waiting was envious Envy

With admiration and quiet astonishment

Jealous with silent still amazement

At the giant greatness of Ants

Work work working away

Only ever stopping

To briefly wave

back at Envy.

…and then JOY

Sat heavy on top of Envy’s gaze

Until her eyes collapsed

And his smile widened

Their hearts skipped

Our lungs inflated

Your spirit lift-off

My soul jumped

And Envy melt

As Joy lept

Then I watched

As You sun-shined

Our feets tap-danced

Their hands reached out

For his artistry achievements

From her bosom of creative giveaways.

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