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Notes on Walking | Day 1

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Joey Magia

Castiblanco de los Arroyos.

Today was a long walk from Sevilla; a wrong turn on the way to Santiponce and I missed out on Camas - before heading to Guillena and making the journey onwards to Castiblanco.

Fields of harvested cotton, enthusiastic flies, and arid brown earth make for interesting company when walking the Vía de la Plata alone. The cotton speaks of endless fields of mechanised wealth and the earth rattles with pebbles and stones telling of long-gone tyres and footsteps.

I don't speak 'Fly' but they continue buzzing with the latest news as I seek out the yellow arrows and pathways.

And now, knees scream for rest, feet ache for a massage, and thighs plead for an end to this madness.

But there remains still 900 kilometres to discover Spain, have lots of fruit, water and food, meet some interesting human company - and maybe find some Wisdom before Finisterre.

We'll see. We'll see.

Time to sleep.

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