Notes on Walking | Day 2

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Joey Magia

Almaden de la Plata.

The walk today demanded patience. It began with a 16KM trek on the highway before a 12KM trek through nature. And just before reaching Almaden, there is a steep 45° hill to go through.

The views were worth it I guess. Perhaps.

Each night I remember that I will have to walk again tomorrow, whether a longer or shorter distance, and I wonder - will my legs keep up.

There is no conquering the Camino; the task of walking is a submission to the journey; to be assessed, broken, open and put back together with a new drop of wisdom before the start of the next trip.

And when I ask my hips, my knees, my ankles and my feet if we shall make it to the next town, they say “We'll see”.

Before I entered the city, 3 friends who had walked past me on my way to the steep hill had caught up with me again. They were returning to Almaden for a friend's birthday and struck up a conversation with me about the Camino, places to see on the way (Merida & Salamanca) and around Spain (Toledo).

Ignacio, Juan, and Juan Alberto (…Juan Alberto??? I think…)

They invited me over to their spot where their friends were having drinks outside, and offered me water and a sandwich.

How kind of them. I wonder what other chance meetings I shall have on the way to Santiago. Just thinking about their kindness, camaraderie and laughter - I think I have all the energy I need for tomorrow.

We'll see.

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