Notes on Walking | Day 3

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Joey Magia


It was a great walk today from Almadén de la Plata; action-packed with pigs, cows, sheep, sheep-dogs, goats, oak trees, and … water.


Well, today marked the Camino entry into Extremadura, and on my way from Real de la Jara to Monesterio - IT RAINED!!!

It poured and soaked myself as well as 2 friends who I set off with during the day, even though we walked at different distances from each other.

In spite of the rain however, today's walk was very enjoyable. The vast plains of roaming livestock and gentle giant trees were very calming to walk through - both under the shining sun and pouring rain. In fact, the rain made it even better.

Today's distance covered was about 33KM. The next days present the potential for 40KM treks and rest would be much welcomed already - both now, during and after the walks.

The Camino is not a race. There are subtle wisdoms on this walk that remind me to enjoy the journey throughout and all the way to Santiago.

Still I wonder, what lessons are to be learnt about surpassing our limits, learning to listen internally to our body, understanding how to rest and sleep - and of course, how to walk?

Like a mantra I repeat to myself “I am enjoying my camino to Santiago” over and over again, and in the language of the buzzing flies, whispering trees and Extremadura wind, I hear my legs say “Walk. Rest. Then walk the rest”.

Time to sleep.

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