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Joey Magia



It’s been a while!

Yes it has.

You stopped writing?

Writing never stops.

How so?

Awareness always moves.


The minds always write.

I see. So, what do you want?


About what?


Purpose? What about purpose?

I am looking for mine and can’t find it.

You cannot find what is not lost. Did you lose your purpose?

No, I - wait, what?


I don’t get what you said before - about finding what is not lost.

What don’t you get?

I am seeking to understand what is my purpose, but I did not lose it because I never had it.

Ah - you were born purposeless to be a purpose finder - NICE! 😂

I’m being serious here!

I am too 😂


Because you are funny, but you tell bad jokes 😂


Were you born purposeless?

I - I don’t know.

Why then do you feel you need to find your purpose?

Because I want to live - well. I want to live right.

Is there a wrong or right way to live or be alive?

I don’t know - but I have this feeling that I am not doing what I was born to do.

Born-to-do. O, OKKKKKKK! so you were born with a purpose?

I - I guess.

Amazing. The one seeking purpose he was born with, now laments trying to find it. How did you lose your purpose?

I don’t know.

You don’t know much do you 😂


OK, enough for today.

Wait! But I…


Stop monologuing and be quiet. Go back to the silence and darkness. Before your birth; before your first sound and first light. Go back to that fetal position where purpose was unfounded and finding was unneeded. Go there, stay there, then return - and then we may speak.


You have seen the light, but now it blinds your path. You worry where there is wonder, and complain at every instance for celebration. So, you must turn and face the darkness - that you may learn to see again, through eyes unblinded with unknowing.


You will grow once the sun has set, and the terrors of the night fly as arrows in the day do. Fear awaits, prowling like a roaring lion looking for someone to eat. In your trembling and turmoil, when the darkest of night embraces all shadows - then you will rise.


Your heat and light are for Life - are for LIVING. Shine bright and let your rays reach every dark corner of ignorance, until the horizon beckons and you fall to rise again. You are born anew each day moving through red-orange-yellow hue, cloaked in blue - sky watching over the green - earth seen and unseen, until your sleep reflects through the Moon, to shine for the indigo-purple night.

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