📢 Beoble Airdrop [ Web3 Telegram ]

Funding -- 7 Million Dollars https://icoanalytics.org/projects/beoble

Backed By - Samsung Next, HashKey Capital Free to join

How to Join

Connect Wallet and Paste Invite Code Link -- https://beoble.app

Invite Code -- 7763b681-2cb1-4f8c-84fa-0d2dcff18fd7

1. Choose a PFP

2. Claim Your Handle

3. Click on Join Chat Room and Join Some Chat Rooms


Now we have to Complete some Tasks to Claim Points

1. Click on Center Icon

2. Scroll Down and Complete Simple Tasks Note -- These are simple, daily and weekly tasks

Join Wealth Bunker Chat Room and Chat Freely to Increase Your Points Link -- https://beoble.app/?id=eb19a46b-b1dc-4b0b-b5c1-190b8a1a7b4b

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