Binance backed Sender Labs Airdrop Guide

Daily Sign-in Bonus:

1. Log in to the airdrop page every day.

2. Navigate to the Daily Sign-in section.

3. Click "Sign-in" to claim your free 50 SENDERDAO points.

Joining the SenderDAO Airdrop (Backed by Binance):

1. Download Sender Wallet from

2. Install the app and create an account (similar process to creating a wallet account).

3. Deposit a minimum of 0.1 NEAR coins into your Sender wallet (valued at around $0.7).

- Don't worry, your balance won't be utilized; it's just a requirement for participation.

Steps to Join the Airdrop:

1. Visit

2. Connect your Twitter account.

3. Connect your Sender Wallet.

4. Complete the specified tasks.

We're excited to have you onboard, and let's aim to win together!

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