Don’t Miss This Free Airdrop backed by Microsoft! 🪂 StarHeroes Airdrop Campaign Guide

Introduction: Exciting news! StarHeroes, the web3 space shooter game backed by Microsoft and Amazon grants, is offering a confirmed airdrop. Don’t miss your chance to snag free $STAR tokens.

How to Qualify:

  1. Visit

  2. Enter Nickname and Email.

  3. Sign in and complete the form in your email.

Referral Rewards: Optional referral program available for additional rewards. Share the love with friends!

No Wallet Connections: No complex wallet setups required. A hassle-free process for participants.

Token Listing: $STAR tokens expected to be listed in Q1 2024. Early adopters, this is your opportunity!

Stay Tuned: Follow StarHeroes for more updates as the project progresses.

Conclusion: Act fast! Secure your free $STAR tokens now. Airdrop backed by industry giants. Happy earning!

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