Morph L2 Testnet Free Airdrop Guide

Participating in the Morph L2 Testnet airdrop requires no investment, and offers the potential to earn significant returns. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get started:


Before you begin, ensure you have a Metamask wallet installed on your browser. Metamask will be required to interact with the blockchain and receive your airdrop.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Follow us for Updates

2. Add Holesky Testnet to Metamask

To add the Holesky Testnet, visit Chainlist : and follow the instructions to connect this network to your Metamask wallet.

3. Obtain Holesky ETH

You will need Holesky ETH for transaction fees in the testnet. Obtain it from one of the following faucets:

4. Configure Morph L2 Network on Metamask

Follow the setup instructions provided on the Morph L2 documentation to add the Morph L2 Holesky Network to your Metamask. Visit their wallet setup guide for details.

5. Connect to the Airdrop Page

Visit the Morph L2 Airdrop Page : and connect your wallet using the Morph Holesky Network. Refresh the page if it doesn’t connect immediately.

6. Participate in Initial Tasks

Go to Genesis Jungle : and start by obtaining initial faucet tokens from discord to participate in various tasks on the platform.

7. Engage with Platform Activities

Complete activities such as using Morph Bridge, participating in BulbaSwap, engaging with Abra Finance, and exploring Morpha NFT.

8. Daily Engagement

Visit My Voting : and use your Voting Power for daily check-ins and open boxes for additional rewards. Regular voting on different projects can increase your points.

9. Expand Wallet Usage

Download the Bitget Wallet, and import your Metamask wallet for verification to engage in additional campaigns.

10. Complete Galxe Tasks

Complete tasks on Galxe : to further increase your points. Verification of completed tasks is straightforward through the platform.

11. Maintain Activity

Continue to perform transactions on the testnet regularly. Maintaining daily activity can potentially increase your airdrop earnings.

By following these steps, you can effectively participate in the Morph L2 Testnet airdrop with no initial investment.

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