Parallel Testnet Setup Guide

Step 1: Get Faucet

Obtain testnet Ethereum (ETH) from any of the following links:

- [](

- [](

- [](

- [](

- [](

Step 2: Bridge Sepolia ETH to Parallel

Use the bridge provided in the video tutorial: [](

Step 3: Add Parallel Testnet to Metamask

Manually add Parallel Testnet to Metamask with the following details:

- Name: Parallel Testnet

- Chain ID: 9659

- Currency Symbol: ETH

- RPC URL: [](

- Explorer: [](

Step 4: Connect Wallet to Parallel Testnet

Visit []( and ensure your wallet is connected to the Parallel Network.

Step 5: Create Parallel Account

Click "Create parallel account" and approve the transaction.

Step 6: Obtain Test Tokens

Navigate to []( and click "Get Test Tokens".

Step 7: Access Airdrops

Visit the Apps section and go to Airdrops: [](

Step 8: Enter Invite Code

Enter the invite code 4AC5F.

Step 9: Complete Twitter Tasks

Connect your wallet and complete the Twitter tasks as instructed to sign up for the Airdrop.

Step 10: Access Lending

In the Apps section, click on Lending: [](

Step 11: Borrow and Supply Tokens

Follow the instructions in the video to borrow and supply different tokens. Repeat for more transactions and participate in the airdrop daily for greater rewards.

Step 12: Stay Updated

Keep an eye out for further updates and instructions.

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