Polygon CFO led Unblocked NFT Project Airdrop Campign : Full Guide

Unblocked, led by the former CFO of Polygon, is on a mission to revolutionize loyalty programs for major brands by seamlessly blending traditional consumer touchpoints with engaging Web3 experiences. With a recent $15 million fund raise, the introduction of the $LOYAL token, and a confirmed airdrop, Unblocked is making waves in the blockchain space.

Key Highlights:

  1. $15M Fund Raise: Unblocked has successfully raised $15 million in funding, signifying strong investor confidence in its vision and approach to transforming loyalty programs.

  2. $LOYAL Token & Confirmed Airdrop: The introduction of the $LOYAL token adds a gamified layer to the loyalty experience, providing users with a novel way to engage. The confirmed airdrop further enhances user participation, creating excitement and anticipation within the community.

3. Led by Former Polygon CFO: Unblocked’s leadership is anchored by the expertise of the former Chief Financial Officer of Polygon, adding credibility and experience to the project.

How to Claim Your Points: To get started on the Unblocked platform, follow these steps:

  1. Visit: Go to Unblocked’s website : https://quests.onunblocked.com/ to access the platform and start your journey.

  2. Solve Week 1 Puzzle (2500 Points): Engage with the platform by solving the Week 1 Puzzle, earning yourself 2500 points. The provided quiz answer is: “Blackrock light legolas uchu loyal Arizona rockstar.

Claim Referral Points (1000 Points): Maximize your points by using the referral code ‘VuHgsOu2KC’ when signing up, instantly securing 1000 points.

3. Complete Daily Quests: Boost your score by actively participating in daily quests that leverage Google. Keep an eye out for new quests to accumulate points and enhance your overall engagement.

Stay informed and connected by following Unblocked on Telegram to ensure you never miss out on exciting airdrops and updates.

Unblocked is at the forefront of reshaping loyalty programs through blockchain technology, offering users a dynamic and rewarding experience. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this innovative journey — claim your free points and explore the future of loyalty with Unblocked today!

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