Taiko Hekla Final Testnet Airdrop Guide 🚀💵

1. Ensure you have a Metamask Wallet ready. If not, install Metamask and set it up.

2. Add Holesky Network to Metamask:

- Use this link: https://chainlist.org/chain/17000

3. Add Taiko Hekla L2 Network to Metamask:

- Use this link: https://chainlist.org/chain/167009

4. Get Holesky Faucet:

- Visit https://learnweb3.io/faucets/holesky/ and follow instructions.

5. Access HORSE Faucet:

- Go to https://bridge.hekla.taiko.xyz/faucet/ and follow instructions.

6. Bridge ETH from Holesky to Hekla:

- Visit https://bridge.hekla.taiko.xyz/ and connect your wallet.

- Follow the prompts to bridge your ETH.

7. Bridge HORSE Token to Hekla:

- Similarly, use https://bridge.hekla.taiko.xyz/ to bridge your HORSE tokens.

8. Swap ETH to HORSE:

- Go to https://swap.hekla.taiko.xyz/#/swap and perform the swap.

9. Add Liquidity:

- Follow instructions on https://swap.hekla.taiko.xyz/#/pools to add liquidity.

10. Deploy a Smart Contract on Taiko Hekla:

- Visit https://remix.ethereum.org/ and deploy the smart contract as shown.

11. Complete Taiko Galxe Tasks:

- Access https://app.galxe.com/quest/taiko and complete the tasks.

That's it! Follow these steps to participate in the Taiko Hekla Final Testnet Airdrop.

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