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AI Can Now Hear, Speak, And See 👀

ChatGPT Just Changed The Human Game

GM DOers! 😎

Remember when ChatGPT was just a chatbot that was going to help us with work? That’s already an old narrative.

The recent update could change how we use the internet today. We could even go as far as saying it gives us superpowers. 🦸

OpenAI, the parent company of ChatGPT, is rolling out new voice and image capabilities, which means that commercial AI will now be able to hear, speak, and see whatever we see. 😲

In the announcement video, ChatGPT is guiding someone on how to lower their bike seat from seeing a picture of it.

It’s giving clear instructions & even choosing the tool for them. 🤯

That’s a game-changer because it takes ChatGPT beyond being able to “just” read thousands of pages, analyze millions of data points, and generate content on demand. 

It is now also able to:

  • Have a live real conversation with you

  • Help you fix a car problem by just showing a picture of the engine

  • Generate clear images

  • Tell you a good night tale

And guide you through pretty much anything you encounter in real life.

Just imagine a not-so-distant future where you’re walking around with your Apple Vision headset

You are visiting Rome and want to know the story behind each ancient building. ChatGPT will be like your artsy friend that knows everything about the city, just by pointing the camera at it.

Today we’re going to dive into the ChatGPT upgrade, the impact that this may have & how blockchain ties to all this. 

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Back to AI. ⏬

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You Know What ChatGPT Is, But Do You? 🤔

Before we start talking about science fiction, let’s remind ourselves about what ChatGPT is! 🤖

ChatGPT is an AI assistant designed to chat with you and provide you with smart solutions to pretty much anything you ask.

It was an absolute breakthrough as it was the first time a consumer AI could actually be way smarter than the average human assistant. 

In the beginning, it needed typed commands, aka prompts.

Want a recipe using the ingredients in your fridge? Ask for it, and voila. Want a summary of a news article? It’s yours. Want to plan your meals for the next month? You got it in 3 seconds…

ChatGPT acted as a smart agent that received text and gave text back.

Then it came out with Plugins, which allowed ChatGPT to browse the internet to get up-to-date info, create Spotify Playlists, scan all your databases, and debug code. 

Fun fact: ChatGPT recently detected a Smart Contract bug in the Telegram Bot project called Banana Gun that two fully credited audits couldn’t find. And it only took seconds.

We did a full report on ChatGPT Plugins a while back. Check it out here.

ChatGPT’s Upgrades: What Does it Unlock? 🚀

With its newest upgrade, ChatGPT can be a part of your daily routine in ways you might've only dreamed of before. 😴

Need help fixing your bike chain? ChatGPT can “see” the problem. 👀

All you have to do is take a picture, and it will guide you step by step in written format. Or it will “speak” the directions to you just as your savvy Uncle Bob would. 👷

Cooking a complex dish for dinner? Let it be your hands-free culinary guide, talking you through each step while observing your progress.

Or make it come up with a fairytale for your kid, narrate it out loud with a human voice, and visualize the characters…🧚🏻‍♀️

This is all possible because OpenAI upgraded & integrated DALL-E (its other creation) with ChatGPT.

This allows anyone to make their bedtime stories turn to life.

The era of self-made media is finally here. 🎬

You could even tell it to act like a specific character and have a romantic conversation. Have you heard of the movie HER, the Oscar-winning movie where Joaquim Phoenix falls in love with an AI? 

It’s scary, but with how fast AI advances these days, we are seemingly getting close. 😳

And, since ChatGPT is permissionless, anyone could use these superhuman features. However, these new features will only be available for Plus users (those who pay the $20/month plan).

Are you using ChatGPT? Hit reply with a "Yes" or "No" to this email.

What is Next? 🔮

Predicting the future of AI is almost impossible. 99% of people had no idea that a tool as powerful as ChatGPT would come out this year.

However, we can imagine what the future could potentially hold.

For starters, I think we’ll let ourselves be guided by AI more and more. I know I do it already. 

As soon as I have any doubts or struggle to construct a sentence as I imagine it in my head, I turn to ChatGPT to do it for me. 

I use it to be able to read +10 articles per day and structure my personal and business ideas. 👨🏾‍💻

Even Gary Vee made a short video recently where he said, ‘I’m using AI to help me think about broader things like new consumer trends’. 

When this tendency of turning to AI for everything we do in our daily lives pairs with ChatGPT’s new capabilities of ‘hearing, seeing & speaking’ and the hardware advancements made by Apple & Google (VR/AR headsets), I could see a future where we’re walking around with goggles and let ourselves guided by AI at every step we take. 🥽

Furthermore, we also have AI Agents. These are agents that can be prompted to execute online actions for you, like ordering a pizza, booking a flight, or buying a t-shirt you want. 🍕

We’ve already seen these agents at work… 

When you pair all of these things together, you can’t help but think of a world filled with humans, all guided by AI. 

Will this work? Nobody knows.

However, if we were to have a world where robots think & execute for us, then we need a way to verify & keep these robots in check.

And I think that’s where web3 & blockchain tech comes in to fill the gap. 

Since AIs are native on the internet, they have no access to IRL facilities like banks or physical databases. They operate fully online. 

Therefore, in order to properly work, they’ll need to use internet money (crypto) for payments. 

Otherwise, how could they order your pizza, book your flight, or buy that t-shirt you really like? 🤷

AIs will need a system that verifies and approves everything they do online. Right now, the best system we have for this is blockchain, which can verify everything that occurs online, through onchain signatures. 

With all of that said, I think we’re still years away from these sci-fi scenarios becoming a reality. 

So, in the meantime, I think that the best thing you can do to capitalize on the rise of AI, is to use it. 💻

If you’re not, you’re essentially leaving yourself behind because with the power of AI, you can 10x your productivity and speed to stay ahead of everyone else. 🌊

And instead of waiting for an AI to purchase our Web3 Investing Masterclass, just do it yourself. 😅 

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Thanks for reading. And remember, you're strong, you’re powerful, you’re alpha! ❤️

See you soon. ✌️

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