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🟣 Farcaster Frames – Just What Web3 Needs

7 Use Cases of Frames

GM DOers! 😎

On Friday, Farcaster introduced the web3 world to a new feature called ‘Frames’, which quickly became the new meta!

Built with the ‘Open Graph’ – a protocol initially developed by Facebook – Farcaster essentially allows other (external) pages to be natively integrated on Farcaster.

This means that you could read a newsletter or order cookies online, without having to ever click on links that take you off Farcaster.

A complete game changer for developers, creators and users.

This is exactly what Facebook aspired to become in the first place, but failed because web2 tech wouldn’t allow for the level of interoperability that’s required.

Web3 fixes that, and in just a few days various ideas have already been built around Frames – I’ll share 7 of them in this article.

But first, let’s explore Frames in a bit more detail.

🖼 How Frames Work and Why They’re Important

If you’re not familiar with Farcaster, it is a social network similar to Twitter that lets people talk directly to each other online.

The difference is that Farcaster is decentralized – there’s no central company that manages it, giving users more control over their data & privacy.

Thanks to it operating onchain, Farcaster was able to integrate Frames – a feature that provides a much more seamless experience for users than web2 social networks.

For example, directly from a social media post, you could:

1⃣ Buy a concert ticket

2⃣ Order a sweater you really like

3⃣ Pay for a course you really wanted to take for a while

4⃣ Book a flight

Again, all happening directly from a social media post.

This is possible because each user on Farcaster has a wallet attached to their account, which they set up seamlessly at the beginning.

Therefore, users are able to make payments and sign into apps without even thinking about it.

This totally eliminates (and simplifies) the typical funnel that we encounter in web2 before starting to use an app:

  • Clicking a link

  • Landing on an external page

  • Signing in or signing up

  • Adding personal & payment information

  • Making a purchase / using the app

Thanks to web3 tech working in the background, you can skip all of that and do everything in one place.

Besides, with all the APIs being open and permissionless, any company in the world can plug into Farcaster by creating a Frame.

This is a HUGE deal because you’re essentially meeting the user where they are already, something that’s unheard of in web2 today.

Here’s 7 ways that Frame are being used already.

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👀 7 REAL Use Cases of Frames on Farcaster

1. Instant Checkout

This is where Farcaster blows Twitter out of the water.

Proposed by 0xDesigner and quickly implemented by Christopher Wallace with @cookies, the concept is based on allowing users to instantly order a product from inside a social media post.

Directly on Farcaster, I’m able to choose out of 4 types of cookies, add however many boxes I want to my cart and place the order.

Then, the Cookie account would tag me in a post with my own checkout link (using Coinbase Commerce).

There, I can just add my name, email, number and address, pay with a few clicks and boom, my cookies are on the way. (I didn’t actually complete this purchase since I’m outside the US).

WHAT? Where can you possibly do that outside of Farcaster right now?

This is still not a 1-click type of experience but remember, Frames are just a few days old. We’re still early! 

Fun fact: The cookie guy received $1,000 worth of cookie orders 15 minutes after publishing the frame. 😳

2. Play Doom

"Doom" is a famous 1993 video game where players fight demons on Mars. It's known for its fast action, 3D graphics, and a big influence on first-person shooter games.

Someone created a Frame, so you can play Doom right on Farcaster. That’s funny.

3. Read & subscribe to newsletters via Paragraph

By just sharing our Paragraph link, our Farcaster followers can click ‘Subscribe’ without having to do anything else to actually sign up to our newsletter.

4. Listen & mint songs via Sound

5. Apply for a job

I applied for a job at Ethereum Foundation as a Solidity developer with 2 clicks.

Let’s see what happens. We might need to find a new writer. 😂

6. Showcase your gallery of art

Gami.eth shared his Uplink page, which stores all of his art, and you get to scroll through his pieces inside Farcaster.

7. Check if you’ve got airdrops to claim

By using Daylight natively on Farcaster, you can see if you’ve got any unclaimed airdrops.

That’s super helpful.

Imagine being able to check (with 1 click) if you’re eligible to get the $JUP airdrop today by clicking on the post that tells you the airdrop is happening today.

🚀 Frames = What Web3 Needs to Succeed

For web3 to succeed and disrupt web2 tech, it needs to:

  1. Offer cool features that web2 doesn't have

  2. Use blockchain in a way that users don't even notice

Frames ticks both of these boxes.

The best part is that despite Frames being just 5 days old, a lot of cool stuff has been built already.

Imagine what other use cases people will think to build in the near future. Stuff like prediction markets, sports betting interfaces and other things I can’t even fathom right now.

All of which can be built in web3 and not in web2.

Web3 allows creators to meet the users where they already are. That’s something that could encourage billions of people to move onchain, because, frankly, it’s the better option.

Damn I’m bullish on web3 - reply with a hell yeah if you are too! 🚀

Thanks for reading. And remember, you're strong, you’re powerful, you’re alpha!

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