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🟣 How to Qualify for the $ISLAND Airdrop

Hurry… It Begins Today!

GM DOers! 😎

Today’s the day when the doors open for people to start farming $ISLAND – Nifty Island’s brand new token. 

There are 2 reasons why you should care:

  1. Free money, duh 🙄

  2. Nifty is doing this airdrop through a new, interesting and creative way, potentially paving the way for future airdrops. 

The hype is immense and most NFT communities will partake, including Pudgy Penguins, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Cool Cats, and Milady.

This will be a fun one, that will certainly generate a lot of buzz… 👀

Luckily for you, starting today, you can participate in the so-called Play-to-Airdrop campaign, to get yourself an allocation of this token. 

In today’s newsletter, I’ll tell you exactly how you can qualify to get $ISLAND. 

Let’s get into it.

What is Nifty Island and Play-to-Airdrop? 🏝

Nifty Island is a social metaverse and game hub where users get their own customizable islands. 

It combines gaming, NFT display and trading, and encourages community building and engagement through various activities.

Here’s a gameplay sneak peek. 👀

I see Nifty Island particularly important for existing NFT projects, because this is a platform where NFTs can be showcased and used in-game.

This is exciting for the world of NFT and web3 gaming, however keep in mind that it's different from big, popular web3 games.

Nifty Island doesn’t abstract away the web3 components (like Immutable) nor do they target the mainstream crowd (like Illuvium).

This is a rather small game for crypto fans, but it's still really important because it’s doing new things, which we can learn from. 

As always, the best way to learn is by doing, so let’s see how you can play this game and qualify for an airdrop in the process. 

Nifty Island introduced a new concept called 'Play-to-Airdrop' – a novel approach to token distribution, designed to be enjoyable rather than a grind. 

Players engage in the game to earn points, leading to an airdrop reward. 

Nifty Island emphasizes the importance of playing for fun, not just for the airdrop, and has implemented mechanisms to discourage repetitive, unengaging gameplay.

Let’s get into the details. 👇

How to Qualify for the $ISLAND Airdrop 🎈

The Play-to-Airdrop has 4 components. 

1. Airdrop Points & Blooms 🪙

In Nifty Island, players can earn a virtual currency called "Blooms" by either playing or hosting games. 

These Blooms serve two main purposes:

Upgrading Your Island: Blooms are used as an off-chain resource for enhancing and personalizing your island within the game.

Minting and Acquiring NFT Rewards: Players can use Blooms to mint or purchase game-ready NFTs from the marketplace.

If you’d like to further increase your Blooms, you can share your referral link to Nifty Island.

This will get you more points for your airdrop! 

TIP: To optimize the accumulation of Blooms, it's recommended to play regularly. 

By earning and then spending these Blooms on NFT rewards in the marketplace, you can further maximize your points.

2. Collector Tiers 🪜

The amount of $ISLAND tokens you earn from your points is influenced by your Collector Tier, which is determined by the NFTs you hold. 

If you hold any overpriced jpegs in your wallet, here’s where they could come in handy. 😂

How it works:

👉 Your tier is set based on the NFTs you own. There are seven different tiers in total.

👉 The impact of an NFT on your Collector Tier depends on its floor price. However, NFTs from partner projects receive a significant boost in their value towards your tier.

👉 Linking all your NFT holdings to a single account is advisable to optimize your Collector Tier and, consequently, your $ISLAND rewards.

👉 While it's possible to do well in lower tiers, the competition is tougher. Higher tiers offer a larger allocation of $ISLAND tokens per player.

This tiered system rewards players based on their investment in the NFT space, while also encouraging participation in the game.

3. Legendary Palms 🌴

Palms are unique assets that can increase your tier during the event. 

You can obtain Palms either by winning quests or purchasing them. This is the only component of this airdrop that you can pay for. 

FYI, Palms will increase your $ISLAND allocation but not your Collector Tier mentioned above. That’s determined by the NFTs you hold in your wallet.

4. Quests 🕵

Nifty Island will debut with a diverse array of quests, accessible to all players, alongside exclusive ones reserved for partner communities. 

These quests offer players the chance to engage in competitive activities to earn special rewards, particularly the Legendary Palms.


  • Earn Blooms by playing or hosting games.

  • Blooms are used in the game. Using them gets you points. 

  • Share your referral link to boost your Blooms.

  • Earn $ISLAND based on the value of your existing NFTs. 

  • Complete in-game quests to get points and Legendary Palms. 

  • Purchase Legendary Palms to increase your airdrop allocation. 

One last thing to note is that there are lots of different communities that get special treatment inside the Nifty Island. 

These include Aavegotchi, Sappy Seals, Bears on the Block and many, many other communities. 

If you own any NFTs, you should head to their Twitter – they probably announced the Nifty Island partnership if there is one! 

Start Earning $ISLAND 💰

To get involved with Nifty Island and get yourself some $ISLAND, follow these steps. 

First up, go to Nifty Island’s official website – be careful with links circulating on X today. 

Secondly, go to the Airdrop section on their website. 

Thirdly, Connect your wallet & start playing the game! 

Lastly, come to our Discord and let’s figure this game out together. Today will be our first interaction with Nifty Island as well.

We’ll be sure to share our experiences and help each other. 🫶

Thanks for reading. And remember, you're strong, you’re powerful, you’re alpha!

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