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A DeGods Comeback or Another Flop? 💀

Frank Announces New Roadmap

GM DOers! 😎

Frank, the founder of DeGods, shared 10s of posts on X in which he explained the new plan for DeGods to overcome the failed attempt of Season 3.


  • They changed the art of the DeGods PFPs

  • Y00ts migrated from Polygon to Ethereum 

  • They created Points Parlor, a prize pool where DeGods holders could win $DUST

Everyone hated the new art, people were confused about the migration of y00ts to Ethereum and nobody used Points Parlor. 

It was a complete flop. 

So now, Frank announced ‘Clarify’ in a spree of announcements in which he outlines what’s next for DeGods. 

First up, they’re redesigning the art of DeGods & y00ts… Again.

They’ve already done this multiple times! 

They’re also scrapping Points Parlor and the DeGoddesses collection (a female version for DeGods).

IMO they should stop making art, which brings minimal value to their holders and business, and instead spend more time creating revenue generating products which provide value for their community and revenue to grow DeGods.

Well keep reading cause that’s exactly what they’re doing. Trying to anyway…

We should all be paying attention to what DeGods is building right now:

  • Renaming the wider DeGods community to de[xyz]

  • A community-led team to build the DeGods ecosystem

  • Expanding DeGods on Bitcoin

  • An identity app 

  • An X feed featuring DeGod creators

  • An IP license tool for the de[xyz]

  • A groupchat discovery engine built on Telegram

Let’s break each one down.

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DeGods De[xyz]

DeGods is incorporating their wider community, consisting of DeGods, y00ts, BTC DeGods and $DUST into one. 

They’re calling it ‘de[xyz]: the new land of opportunity’.

The goal? To become more than just an NFT community. They aim to become “one of the most productive communities on the internet.”

To achieve this, they’ve put together a new roadmap. I’ll expand on it below but first…

5 Tips for the Bull Market

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👉 "Top 5 Tips for the Bull Market"

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Recruiting Talent From the Community

Would you like to become president of either DeGods or y00ts? Well now you can!

Or, if you’re an artist, you can apply to work on the redesign of the art of each de[xyz] collection. 

Or, apply to become a contributor.

This is all genius! The most powerful asset DeGods has is their community. Y00ts are one of the most used PFPs on X. 

By giving opportunities for the community to contribute and build together they are creating a massive people powered engine. 

Not to mention increasing their signal to noise ratio by getting real time feedback and input from community members in structured roles.

Plus with 6,448 unique holders I’m sure they’ve got a big community to pull talent from.

Of course their community is pumped to take on roles for the project!

I can’t say it enough. 

Find ways to build alongside your community. 

Shout out to Frank for doing exactly that.

Bitcoin DeGods

First up, Frank said that they’ll double down on DeGods on Bitcoin. He says that “Ordinals is one of the highest upside ecosystems in all of crypto & BTC DeGods is on top.”

DeGods previously minted 535 DeGods inside the Bitcoin block #776408. 

Their goal now is to increase awareness of their Bitcoin collection as a piece of art history.

Frank also couldn’t resist the temptation to build some hype and tease y00ts on BTC.


This is an identity system that combines your onchain & offchain activity history.

It’s an app that tracks people's activity: contributions, holdings, content, peer reviews, and a lot more. 

The goal of this is to develop a personal reputation for each de[xyz] community member.

It’ll also be possible for people to deposit $DUST and spend it across the ecosystem, through the de[id] app.

All in all, this sounds a lot like a web3 wallet that tracks both your on and offchain activity, so you can build your reputation within the community. 

Do you know what builds the strongest community? Trust.

Onchain reputation builds trust on the internet like never before.

Personally, I can't wait for onchain reputation to fix stupid issues we face everyday like fake reviews, bots and fraud.


deToX is an X feed featuring creators from the de[xyz] community. 

The goal of this is to share the content that community members create, with everyone. 

However, it looks like they’ll build an app that will curate content generated by community members –  working almost identically to an X-list.

I suspect that this will be token-gated, where any holder of a de[xyz] NFT can opt-in and have their posts shared on this feed, where everyone can see it. 

This should significantly boost engagement for creators from within their community, which will encourage other creators to join the community to instantly receive a platform.

I just hope that the creators featured on this feed aren’t hand-picked, because if that’s the case, then this is identical to an X list and there’s no point in building an app.


Similar to what Pudgy Penguins is building with their web3 IP platform, DeGods aims to create a place where builders from the de[xyz] community can get IP rights.

Upon getting these rights, they can build whatever products they want, using the brand logo & name to build upon a recognizable brand.

De[starters] looks to be the first ‘brand’ that was spun off this IP platform.

It sells DeGods merch. 

However, the possibilities of things that can be built are endless. Just look at how well Made by Apes is going. This is Yuga Labs’ initiative to get their community members to build businesses with the BAYC IP. 


This is a groupchat discovery engine where you can filter through to find fellow builders within the de[xyz] community.

Inside this app, which will be built on Telegram, you can DM people or schedule calls with them, all from inside a single app. 

This is pretty big for networking, which is the entire point of an average community. Excited to see how this one rolls out. 


Simply put, this is DeGods’ initiative to host more in-person events worldwide, focusing on building offline communities in major cities globally.

Wrapping Up 🧵 What’s Actually Going On?

Frank and the DeGods team are master marketers. Their ability to create hype is truly unparalleled.

But here’s the problem with hype. It creates expectations. 

And we all know how hard it is to live up to holders expectations. Unless you make the floor price go up, holders tend to never be happy.

Well you know what makes the floor go up? Hype & utility. 

Frank continues to tread in dangerous water here by inspiring hype.

That being said I do believe that DeGods is building one of the strongest internet communities in the world.

Anyone can see it on X. Yesterday, every DeGod and y00t was all over my feed, and the biggest web3 creators have a DeGod/y00t PFP.

I believe that Frank is really innovating here with community presidents, token gated community tools for creators to connect on X, a place of networking via Telegram and an onchain reputation system to build trust for actions that community members take over time.

He’s giving its community the tools they need to thrive: IP, networking, content awareness, startup support and more…

So the idea is brilliant. 

I just hope that some of these things they are building actually drive revenue! And I truly hope that these things get built and not fall through the cracks. 

Pudgy Penguins is everyone’s favorite project. Do you know why? Because they are building a sustainable business from selling toys.

A lot of what DeGods announced is just ideas. It’s a vision. There’s a lot of execution that needs to happen.

I just hope they can deliver.

Thanks for reading. And remember, you're strong, you’re powerful, you’re alpha!

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