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Is it Too Late to Invest Now? 😩

The Macro Overview You Need

GM DOers! 😎

The bull market has arrived. And I bet you’re feeling the FOMO.

Take a deep breath. 

The next 24 months are going to be a wild ride. 🎢

Myself and the entire Web3 Academy team are here to guide you every step of the way to invest and build in an onchain world in constant transformation.

If that’s what you’re looking for, you're in the right place. 👊

We've been closely monitoring the crypto market, and it's clear we're entering an exciting phase. 

Let’s zoom out and see what prices have been up to this year…

📈 Bitcoin’s up 125% YTD.

📈 Ethereum’s up 68% YTD.

📈 Solana’s up 500% YTD. 🤯

Here’s the question everyone is asking me:

Kyle, is it too late to invest in BTC, ETH and SOL? Did I miss it?

To answer this today, we’ll look at:

  • 🌐 The Macro Scene: Inflation, Unemployment & The Almighty Dollar

  • 😢 Solana & Altcoins: Is It Too Late to Invest?

TLDR: It’s not too late to invest. Let me explain why.

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The Macro Scene 🌐

Many are wondering: ‘Will we have another crypto bull cycle?’ The answer is YES! And according to various macro factors, it’s already here. 

Here’s the deal. For crypto to have a bull market, the wider macro economy needs to allow people to get their liquidity into risk assets. 

If the economy is thriving, more people are likely to invest, hence increasing the liquidity in our beloved crypto economy. 

Let’s look at Inflation, Employment & The Dollar. 

First up, we can see that headline inflation has been going down all of 2023.

And so is the core inflation, which just came in at 4%, lower than the 4.1% level which experts predicted.

Core vs Headline inflation: Core inflation excludes volatile goods like food and energy prices, while headline inflation includes all goods and services.

So inflation’s down. But what does it mean?

It means that people can better afford their daily costs of living, which is what leads them to invest in risk assets like stocks and crypto, because they have money to spare. 

So what about unemployment? 

Well, it is rising. 

Unemployment going up sucks for the wider society. However, it signals a good opportunity for investors.

I’ve said this in past PRO reports but just as a reminder, when inflation is down and unemployment is up, that’s usually when governments start stimulating economies again.

In other words, they start printing money so that people can spend more, which helps businesses grow, which creates more jobs for people. 

So, based on these fundamental numbers, we can expect global liquidity to increase, which is bullish for crypto. 

A last thing to mention is DXY – the Dollar Index. 

Typically, when the dollar goes down in value, a bull market begins, because people would rather hold assets like stocks and crypto than weak dollars. 

On the other hand, when the DXY rises, it’s usually bad for risk assets, because people would rather hold dollars than assets.

Check this out. When the DXY started rising (end of 2021), that was also the end of the crypto bull run.

Similarly, if you look on the right side of the chart above, you’ll see a peak in the DXY around the end of 2022 (1 year ago) – with a continuous downtrend. 📉

That’s also when markets started to turn – $BTC was at $16k and $ETH at $1k. Both are up 100% since. 

The bottom line: The current macro conditions are favorable for a crypto bull market.

Do you enjoy this type of macro analysis? I regularly share this in more depth in Web3 Academy’s PRO reports to keep you ahead of the markets. 

A prime example is my report back from April, in which I concluded the following:

Screenshot from April 6 PRO Report

Looking back to that conclusion now makes me feel very proud. I’ve absolutely nailed it with those predictions. 

And I still think that more good times are ahead of us in the medium term. (Keep reading until the end to find out what will likely happen in the short-term).

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Solana & Altcoins: Is It Too Late to Invest? 😢

Solana has gone up from $20 to $60 in 5 weeks. 🚀

It is also up 500% YTD.

But is it too late?

Well, if we zoom out, we can see that Solana is still far away from its ATH of $250. 

And check out these fascinating charts, comparing $SOL to $ETH. 

This shows Solana’s and Ethereum’s first respective bull & bear cycles. 

$ETH price 2017-2020

$SOL price 2021-Today

Unbelievably similar.

Now, if we zoom out on the ETH chart further, we can see what happened in Ethereum’s next cycle (2020-2023)...

A 3.5x from the previous cycle's all-time high!

Do you see that purple chart on the bottom left? 

That's $SOL in comparison to $ETH.

Does this mean that $SOL will go up 3.5x from its past ATH? Not 100% sure. 

However, the opportunity is certainly there, and not just for Solana, but for many other altcoins as well. 

Speaking of opportunities, I’ve got an exciting & fun PRO report coming on Thursday, where I predict the price of $BTC, $ETH & $SOL, based on various metrics.

This report is what you need to head into the bull market with a solid framework in mind, as I explore many different angles of what could happen. 

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What’s Next? 🧵

If I made you bullish, I need you to take a deep breath. Here’s the thing. The crypto bull market isn’t a straight line up. 

Pullbacks are normal and expected, especially short-term. Just look at how many times $ETH dumped on its way from $100 to $5000.

These are all pullbacks of 10% or more, which occurred in a matter of days. 

The key thing to understand when these dumps inevitably occur is to not lose your focus and start thinking that it’s all over.

These are typically the best times to buy.

However, in those moments, it’s easy to freak out and feel like the world is burning. 

If you need a friend holding your hand, then I suggest you get on the PRO side. 

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Thanks for reading. And remember, you're strong, you’re powerful, you’re alpha!

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