Announcing The Onchain Gift Shop 👀⛓️🏬

Get Rewarded for DOin’ Onchain

GM DOers! 😎

It’s been 1.5 years since we started Web3 Academy. Our mission has always been to guide you to capitalize on the next big phase of the internet. 🌊 

Over the past 1.5 years, we’ve interviewed over 100 founders and leaders, and one thing has become clear. The best way to capitalize on the opportunity of web3 is to participate. 

You must get your hands dirty. 

You must interact onchain.

Therefore, it is our job to present you with exciting, fun, and simple ways to interact onchain, because we know that experience is the best teacher. 

We also know that over the next decade, generational wealth will be made by the builders, investors, and creators in web3. 

And we want you to be one of those people. 

It all starts with you spending more time onchain! 

This is why we’re launching The Onchain Gift Shop.

What is The Onchain Gift Shop? 🛍

Straight up - you get free stuff for interacting onchain.


Because people doin’ stuff onchain should be celebrated!! 🥳

We call that a W.

Each week, we pick onchain activities worth celebrating. Blockchain technology enables us to permissionlessly reward anyone who takes that action.

2 Ways to Win. How Does It Work? 

Each week there are 2 ways to win:

  1. Weekly Cash Prize

    • Collect the Web3 Academy newsletter for ~$10 USD (Base blockchain).

    • Each week there are 4 newsletters (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday) available to collect.

    • 90% of all funds raised from collecting goes to the cash prize pool (after fees are paid to Paragraph).

    • Once you’ve collected the newsletter, visit to enter the draw to win the weekly cash prize.

    • When you visit The Onchain Gift Shop, you must connect the same wallet you used to collect the newsletter.

  2. Weekly Raffle

    • Each week we’ll be giving away hundreds of dollars in prizes in the weekly raffle.

    • There are 2 ways to enter the raffle:

      1. Each Web3 Academy newsletter collect gets you 1 entry into the Weekly Raffle.

      2. Complete the onchain activity of the week. For example, in week 1 everyone who follows @web3academy_ on Lens will be able to enter the raffle.

    • Once you have completed either (or both) of the onchain actions above visit to enter the weekly raffle.

    • When you visit The Onchain Gift Shop, you must connect the same wallet you used to perform the onchain action with.

Week 1 - Oct 13-19

In week 1 we are celebrating our friends over at Lens by rewarding anyone who follows @web3academy_ on Lens.

The best part? It’s free - well, almost free. It costs $0.05 in gas fees.

Just follow these simple steps:

Note: You do not need a Lens handle to follow us on Lens.

Anyone who follows @web3academy_ on Lens can enter The Onchain Gift Shop. You do not need to follow us during week 1.

Once you follow us on Lens, go to Connect the same wallet you used to follow us. And you’ll be able to enter the Weekly Raffle.

Week 1 Raffle Prizes

  • 20x Mystery Boxes

  • 3x Build in the Bear T-Shirts

  • 1x Web3 Academy PRO Membership for 1 Month

  • 1x Business Consulting Call with JayBird for 1 Hour

  • 1x Post on Web3 Academy Lens (Promote Your Business/Personal Brand)

Good luck, everyone! 

See you in the Onchain Gift Shop!

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