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Pokemon Cards Onchain: Talk of the Town! 🗣️

The Tokenization of RWA Explained

GM DOers! 😎

Pokemon cards are coming onchain. ⛓️

A few weeks ago, Courtyard released Premium Packs: Grails That Got Away #3 – valued at $300 each. 

Each of these packs included 1 Pokemon card NFT. 

If you purchased a pack, you would’ve owned the Pokemon card's digital version, with its physical counterpart secured in a Brink’s vault. 🔐

A fascinating concept that got many people excited & encouraged others to copy the initiative.

Now, a similar concept to Courtyard is launching on Solana, with Magic Eden promoting an upcoming drop. 👀

Today, we’ll walk through:

  • 🃏 Understanding Courtyard Pokemon Cards

  • 🔄 Replicating Courtyard on Other Blockchains

  • 🛡️ RWA Explained: Benefits of Storing Pokemon Cards Onchain

  • 🤑 How to DO Onchain & Get Rewarded

TL;DR – Pokemon cards being tokenized onchain is just the first step of billions in real-world assets (RWA) which will be moved onchain over the coming years. 🌊

Let’s dig deeper. ⏬

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Understanding Courtyard Pokemon Cards 🃏

Here’s a TL;DR on how Courtyard is bringing IRL collectibles onchain:

  • 📦 Submit Collectibles: Own a real-world collectible? Send it to Courtyard.

  • 🔍 Authentication: Courtyard verifies its authenticity.

  • 🔐 Secure Storage: Once authenticated, Brink’s safely stores your item.

  • 🪙 NFT Minting: Courtyard creates an NFT on Polygon, sending it to your wallet.

  • 🌍 Digital Rights: Your new digital collectible mirrors your physical one. Trade, list for sale, use as loan collateral or execute any standard blockchain action.

Courtyard began by tokenizing universally recognized Pokemon cards to introduce their vision. 

While they currently market themselves by selling their own Pokemon cards, their core aim isn't selling. 

Instead, it's to tokenize and securely store physical collectibles for collectors. 🖼️

Now, let’s see who else is copying Courtyard…

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Replicating Courtyard on Other Blockchains 🔄

Last week, Magic Eden announced an upcoming drop:

  • 📅 Date: 18th of October

  • 📦 Total Packs: 100

  • 🎴 Contents: Each pack contains 1 tokenized Pokemon Card (NFT)

  • ✨ Physical Backing: Every card is 100% physically backed & redeemable

  • 🔥 Rare Finds: 4 super rare & expensive cards included in this drop

  • 🛍️ Purchase & Reveal: Users can buy packs and unveil their card at a later date.

This drop is led by the brand ‘Collector’, and will happen on Solana’s prime NFT marketplace, Magic Eden.

Courtyard pioneered the movement of bringing Pokemon cards onchain, and their triumph has spawned imitators already. 

This trend echoes what we saw with FriendTech; following its success, many cloned their tech, resulting in an influx of FriendTech-inspired apps across chains, like PostTech or Stars Arena. 

The same pattern is emerging with RWAs, and that’s a good thing. Such competition fosters industry growth. 

Plus, the growing number of copycats underscores the value of bringing RWAs, like Pokemon cards, onto the blockchain.

Benefits of Storing Pokemon Cards & RWA Onchain 🛡️

Tokenizing real-world assets links tangible items like Pokemon cards, real estate, or art to blockchain. Benefits include:

  • Eliminating middlemen, hence reducing costs. 💰

  • Enables 24/7 trading, bypassing traditional "working hours." 🕜

  • Increases liquidity and lowers entry barriers. 💸

  • Boosts trust with transparent processes." 🔍

To understand the real-world benefits, let’s dive into a real-life story that highlights why storing RWAs onchain is revolutionary.

On September 27th, someone minted a rare Mario-Pikachu Pokemon card by minting it for $300 in Courtyard’s drop. 

A week later, on October 4th, they flipped it onchain for a staggering $5000.

Why's this a game-changer?

Instead of waiting around, the card’s ownership zipped over to the buyer in a flash, and the seller saw instant cash magic in their account.

Doing this the old-school way, the process would look something like this:

  • Pull a rare card from a pack.

  • Store it safely to ensure its pristine condition, which is very difficult.

  • Hunt around online for its value.

  • Wait weeks for a third party to authenticate it.

  • List it on platforms like eBay.

  • Fingers crossed, someone trusts you and the authenticity certificate.

  • Use an escrow service in order to manage the transfer of funds and the card.

  • Safely box it up and send it off to its new home.

  • Deal with shipping costs and maybe even custom duties.

  • Anxiously wait for it to arrive, which can take ages if it's an international send-off.

  • Finally, get paid.

This could drag on for ages, and you need to deal with multiple middlemen... 😴

But with real-world cards mirrored onchain, rather than a seller navigating through galleries, appraisers, lawyers, and banks — all charging fees or commissions — sellers and buyers can directly trade, incurring just minimal gas fees for instant asset transfer.

This process can be used for tokenizing everything from vintage cars and Pokemon cards to real estate and gold. 

The tokenization of RWAs is one of the most obvious use-cases for blockchain. It’s a no-brainer that this trend will continue.

And Pokemon cards migrating onchain is simply the beginning. 

This is a very small piece of the billion-dollar physical collectibles industry, which is also just a small part of the entire RWA industry that is already migrating onchain.

By reading this article today, you know something the rest of the world doesn’t. And to capitalize, I encourage you to participate onchain.

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