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🟣 Web3 Academy No Longer Exists. It's Now Milk Road!

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GM DOers! 😎

Web3 Academy has officially merged with Milk Road to become one of the world’s leading crypto newsletters! 

Our goal? To help you get smarter about crypto by sending you a daily newsletter which will keep you updated on the markets, in up to 5 minutes! 

Hundreds of thousands of people subscribe to Milk Road for free. Join them! 

By the way… If you’re looking to become a better crypto investor then consider looking at Milk Road PRO. 

This is your #1 resource where onchain analytics, tokenomic deep dives, macro analysis and more are combined into one, to help you invest successfully in crypto. 💰

Lastly, if you’re more into listening than reading, and would like to stay up to date with the latest crypto trends and investment opportunities, then Milk Road Radio is for you!

Milk Road Radio is 100% free and exists with the purpose of helping tens of thousands of weekly listeners get ahead in crypto. 

Check it out on your favorite platform: YouTube | Spotify | Apple Podcasts 

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