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GM DOers!

Welcome to The Web3 Academy Crypto Bull Market Guide. 🐂

A step-by-step plan and foundational teachings to help you capitalize on the next big phase of the internet.

If you are in crypto and web3 today, you are still very early. The wealth creation opportunities are unlike anything we will ever experience again in our lifetimes (most likely).

This guide is designed to help you win, while also mitigating your risk so you don’t fuck this up!

To be honest, it’s not particularly hard to do well in crypto bull markets. These are times where almost everything goes up.

Where most people fail is by trying to do too much, not understanding the basics of crypto and investing and not managing their own emotions.

With some basic structure and strategy to your investment portfolio as well as some fundamental knowledge in crypto and its cycles, you can expect to do extremely well over time.

Forget about the 10% gains in traditional markets, those are gains for ants! In crypto, we see that in a day. These crypto cycles give us opportunities to grow our portfolios by multiples/year!

Below I am going to lay out multiple years worth of lessons into one single guide. IF you choose to read and act on this information, you will significantly improve your chances of succeeding with your investments in crypto long-term.

We will cover the follow sections below:

  1. Blockchain Technology Fundamentals

  2. Investment Portfolio Fundamentals

  3. Crypto Business Models and Frameworks

  4. Macroeconomics

  5. Token Analysis

The sections below link out to various articles and reports that Web3 Academy has written over the last year. 

Read each article thoroughly and in the progressive order laid out below. This will help you to understand the bigger picture at play here when investing in crypto.

Important: Most of the resources below are paywalled and exclusive to Web3 Academy PRO members.

However, in order for us to help you succeed in this bull market, we’re giving you access to them for FREE today with a 7-day trial.

Enjoy, my friends!

Crypto Fundamentals 🪴

If you don’t yet fully understand blockchain technology and how it’s going to completely revolutionize the internet, then I recommend you start by taking our FREE Web3 Rabbit Hole Course.

In under 1h, you’ll learn the basics you need to start building and investing successfully in the fastest growing technology in history.

You’ll understand all of the different web3 components and how they’re disrupting finance and the internet. 

Thousands of DOers like you have already completed this course. Join them today!

Portfolio Fundamentals 📊

Now that you understand the technology, let’s move on to understanding how to invest in it. 

The following are fundamental reports that you should read to get the lay of the land for investing in crypto and building your investing strategy for this cycle

  1. A Framework To Invest In Crypto

  2. How To Build Your Portfolio For The Crypto Bull Market

  3. The When To Sell Plan

  4. 5 Tips For The Bull Market

  5. How To Invest In Application Tokens

  6. Kyle's Investment Portfolio (keep in mind this is from Jan 2024, so don’t copy this portfolio, but use it to understand what a portfolio should look like)

The 6 reports above should get you up-to-speed on building out your portfolio and plan for this cycle. 

Next, I want to give you some more support on understanding this specific crypto cycle we are in.

  1. Understanding Market Cycles

  2. Price Predictions For This Bull Market

The last piece of reading 👇 will help you wrap your head around how a complete market analysis should look like. 

When you’re looking to understand the tops and bottoms of cycles, there are a lot of factors that are at play, including: Macroeconomics, Technical Analysis, Onchain Analysis and Market Sentiment/Fundamentals.

The report below was a detailed analysis we put out calling the start of this current bull market. 

While the analysis in this report is irrelevant now, it will give some insight into what sort of analysis you should be looking for (or doing yourself) moving forward.

Of course, you can continue to find this in our PRO reports!

  1. An Example Of What Analyzing Markets Should Look Like

Crypto Business Models and Fundamentals 💰

The 4 pieces below will help you understand core investing concepts in technology and crypto. Everything from how value flows onchain to how tokenomics works.

  1. Where Value Flows Onchain

  2. The Business Of Blockchains

  3. How To Value Network-Based Technologies

  4. Understanding Tokenomics

Macroeconomics 🌐

Macro is what controls the liquidity cycles that impact all assets, crypto included. 

If you want to time the crypto cycles, you need to understand macro. I’ll warn you, this is NOT an easy task. However, below is a 2-part Masterclass I put together to help you wrap your head around the basics.

PRO members get ongoing updates on the state of macro inside the weekly reports we send out. 

Unless you want to become a macro analyst yourself, I suggest you join the hundreds of PRO members that get these insights regularly with a 7-day Free Trial. 🤷

  1. Understanding Macro Masterclass Part #1

  2. Understanding Macro Masterclass Part #2

  3. Understanding How Liquidity (aka Macro) Impacts Crypto (Coming soon!) 👀

Token Analysis 🕵

Whether you’re looking to invest in a token long-term or do so as a short term trade, you need to build a thesis around the token. 

That thesis should look at tokenomics, economics, narratives and other factors which might drive price action.

Below is a random list of tokens that we have done in depth analysis on. The reports are older, so don’t invest based on these, but use them to understand how to build a thesis and construct deep analysis on a token:

Optimism & Arbitrum – How do L2 governance tokens work? Are they sustainable? Do they have strong fundamentals?

Explore $OP & $ARB Tokenomics

Polygon & Immutable – Learn how Immutable has built a fascinating tokenomic structure and how Polygon aims to use $POL to power a massive network of blockchains. 

Explore $POL & $IMX Tokenomics

GMX – One of the only DeFi products with both product market fit and sustainable tokenomics. 

Explore $GMX

RocketPool – How do liquid stake derivative tokens work? Do they have value? Are they sustainable? Should you invest in them?

Understand $RPL 

Maker – One of the most important profitable protocols in crypto! But how does its token reflect that? 

Explore $MKR Tokenomics & Fundamentals 

Unibot – An application that’s very appealing to traders because it provides a superior crypto trading experience. Also, Unibot has built a fascinating token economy that holders benefit massively from. 

But is it sustainable?

Explore $UNIBOT Tokenomics 

THORChain – One of the most useful applications in crypto right now, allowing for cross-chain swaps. But how do they make money? And do $RUNE holders benefit at all?

Full tokenomics & mechanics analysis coming your way soon (if you’re a PRO) 👀

Final Takeaways 🧵

They're very simple friends… You're in a great spot right now. You’re still extremely early. 

This bull market will play out over the coming few years and there’s a huge opportunity for you to make generational wealth.

All you need is to understand the basics, plan your investments well, keep your cool and, most importantly, don’t fuck this up. 

If you feel like you’ve got that, then you’ll do really well. If you don’t, and if you feel like you’re short on time, then consider Web3 Academy PRO. 

Our weekly onchain reports will keep you up-to-date with the latest trends and investment opportunities in this space and will save you tons of time. 

Don’t take my word for it though. Simply jump over to the PRO side using the FREE 7-day trial that we’re offering right now and see for yourself.

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