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Farcaster Observation: Actions (Chinese and English)


Farcaster的迭代速度可以的,在二月份上线Frames(小程序)后,2天前上线了Actions, 可以认为是更轻量级的小程序,直接通过一个按钮实现

  • 各种代币打赏

  • 查看用户的$DEGEN打赏额度,以及余额

  • Mute某个用户

  • ……

通过Actions, 用户的操作更便捷,同时也增加了对创作者的激励,形成正向飞轮。

Farcaster's iteration speed is impressive. Following the launch of Frames (mini-programs) in February, it launched the Actions feature two days ago, which can be seen as a lighter-weight mini-program that can be implemented with just a button to achieve various functions, including:

  • Various token tippings

  • View users' $DEGEN reward amount and balance

  • Mute a user

  • ...

Through Actions, users can operate more conveniently, while also increasing incentives for creators, forming a positive flywheel.

Farcaster Actions
Tip onchain

目前 Actions 还在非常早期的阶段,还没有对应的聚合页面,Farcaster 官方整理了一个 Notion 页面,里面有十几个 actions, 感兴趣的朋友可以去这个页面里点击对应的链接安装

Actions is still in its early stages and does not have a dedicated aggregation page yet. The Farcaster team has put together a Notion page with a dozen or so actions. You can go to this page and click on the links to install them.


WeChat also had a “plugin” feature in the chat interface for a while in 2016 to attract developers (it was later integrated with mini-programs because it was easy to be abused by third-party apps).

微信 2016 年推出的插件功能

新的内容形式带来新的社交App机会,Farcaster成功抓住了「内容Token化」带来的流量红利,然后通过 Frames 和 Actions 带来的良好用户体验留住用户,值得关注。

The emergence of new content forms presents new opportunities for social apps. Farcaster has successfully seized the traffic dividend brought by "content tokenization" and then retained users through the good user experience provided by Frames and Actions. It is worth paying attention to.

因为 Paragraph 和 Farcaster 整合的比较好(在 Warpcast 上可以无缝进行订阅和评论),计划在这里写一系列对Farcaster的观察,欢迎订阅。

Paragraph and Farcaster are well integrated, allowing for seamless subscription and commenting on Warpcast. Therefore, I plan to write a series of observations on Farcaster here. Welcome to subscribe.

如果你还没有注册Farcaster, 欢迎通过我的邀请链接注册

If you haven't joined Farcaster yet, feel free to use my invite link to sign up.

因为 Paragraph 和 Farcaster 对视频支持的还不太好,放了一个演示小视频在 Twitter 上

Paragraph and Farcaster's video support is still in its early stages, so I uploaded a short demo video on Twitter.

最后也附上之前对 0xLuo 的访谈,干货满满:用户量激增10倍,创作者获得空投,Farcaster如何打造去中心化社交。

BTW, I'd like to share my previous interview with 0xLuo, which is full of insights: Farcaster's 10x user growth, airdrops for creators, and how it's building decentralized social.


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