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JPEG Casino Weekly Ride #007

Welcome to JPEG Casino Weekly Ride #007, hop on board as we cover the statistics of the week, Americana introduces "concierge vaulting" for public, Starbucks releases "Green Apron Collection", and Yuga acquires Roar Studios.


Americana introduces "concierge vaulting" service to public, providing blockchain-based solutions for physical collectibles

The Opensea and 776 backed vaulting platform now opens its services to public, providing a full suite solution of an online marketplace, physical vault and verification via the blockchain.

Americana has the capacity to vault an item as small as stamps, to as big as vehicles.

Items listed are guaranteed by on-chain digital certificates, so they can be transacted on a digital marketplace such as Opensea without having the physical item leave the facility.

Items are also digitised via a 3D photogrammetry machine that allows for high-resolution, 360 degree generated image which means the digital images of the items are as close to the physical items.

Every physical item is tied to an NFT that allows for royalties to be written into the smart contract, creating a new secondary market for physical goods.

Americana Marketplace

To find out more about how it works, click here.

Starbucks releases "Green Apron Collection", selling limited edition stamps

On 1 August 2023, Starbucks launched the eight NFT collection in its Web3 loyalty program, Starbucks Odyssey, titled "The Green Apron Collection". This limited-edition collection consists of 5,000 unique designs celebrating the company's rich history and the baristas who have played a pivotal role in shaping it.

Early access to the sale was given to members who had completed three or more Odyssey Journeys by 28 July or were Starbucks employees. Journeys are described by Starbucks as interactive activities that open access to new benefits and immersive coffee experiences that cannot be found anywhere else. 63.9% of the members purchased 3,357 editions of the Green Apron Stamp.

Green Apron Details:

  • 5,000 supply

  • Minted on Polygon

  • $100 per stamp on Nifty Gateway

  • Each stamp comes with 1,500 bonus points

The Starbucks Odyssey loyalty program is currently in closed beta, available only to U.S. residents. In December 2022, Starbucks released the "Holiday Cheer Stamp” collection as a free mint. Then, in 2023, they offered members the ability to purchase limited-edition collections through the Starbucks Odyssey market on Nifty Gateway.

The first paid collection offered by them, "The Siren Collection" minted out at a price of $100 and currently holds a floor price of $369, an impressive 3x increase. Their second paid collection, “The First Store Collection” also minted at a price of $100.

Current Floor Listings

However, this collection did not perform as well as the first. The floor price currently stands $20 above the initial mint price. Also, out of the 5,000 stamp NFTs, only 4,579 editions were sold.

Yuga acquires Roar Studios, a music and metaverse startup, to accelerate Otherside Metaverse progress and collaborates with Wreck Leagues

Yuga Labs has been diligently working on their ambitious plan for the Metaverse, and recently made two significant announcements to advance their vision. The company revealed its acquisition of Roar Studios, a pioneering startup at the intersection of music and the Metaverse.

What exactly is Roar Studios?
Roar Studios is a forward-thinking company that sought to create a platform that would merge music and social interaction, providing a space for musicians of all backgrounds, genres, and skill levels to come together to pursue their common goals, share their music, and get heard by a broader audience through Web3 solutions.

Why acquire Roar Studios?
The decision to acquire Roar Studios was driven by YugaLabs' desire to expand the scope of their Otherside Metaverse. By incorporating Roar's expertise and platform into their vision, this aligns perfectly with previous projects Yuga has attempted such as building music islands for performances by Eminem and Snoop Dogg.

As part of the acquisition, Eric Reid, the founder and CEO of Roar Studios, will take on the role of Otherside General Manager, directly reporting to Mike Seaver, Otherside's CTO.

The second major development announced by YugaLabs is the introduction of the "Extended Yugaverse" through a collaboration with nWaygames' Wreck League, which is backed by Animoca Brands.

This groundbreaking partnership marks the first time that official Yuga characters, such as Curtis and Gary, will be used beyond the context of the official YugaLabs canon. In this collaboration, Yuga Labs' iconic characters will be featured in Wreck League's Season 1, together with their unique trait packs and skins, including Koda traits on Mechs.

The collaboration goes even further, as Wreck League's Genesis Mint will offer its holders exclusive Koda-themed mech parts, allowing players to create one-of-a-kind builds within the game. Furthermore, all Koda holders will be entitled to claim a free founders Mech.

For more information on enrolment for the whitelist, find out more here.

Market Updates

Weekly NFT Volume

Blur: 71% volume share. Opensea: 28% volume share.
NFTs see the lowest volume of the year on 29 July.

Active NFT Traders

Number of Active Traders have fallen significantly, ranging between 7,300-8,100.

Mid Cap PFP Index

Pudgy Penguins and VeeFriends rises 8.12% and 12.03% respectively. Potatoz dips 17.3%.

Large Cap PFP Index

CryptoPunks cement position as top PFP project.
Yuga ecosystem sees another dip as Captainz tanks 13.99%.

Quick Fire News

JPEG Casino Weekly Ride #007 was brought to you by Keane, Cassidy and Spectrum.

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