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Celebrating 11.11.22


Yes we accomplished what many, including Fanzo didn’t think was possible and, man it’s been a wild ride! 365 days of minting NFTs, documenting the journey, and putting out a podcast. PHEW!

NOVEMBER 11th, 2022

The year was long, and the celebration was too short! The day was packed full of fun, laughs, tears, and shoutouts to Fanzo and the team.

The day started off with a reunion show on Twitter Spaces hosted by Katie Brinkley. Time was spent reminiscing about the year’s events, notable moments, and hearing from the Fanzo and the team. There was even a visual tribute to Fanzo as people changed their PFPs to match his 😂

The crowd then headed over to the NFT365 metaverse space where the Mint365 collection is on display! Fanzo and team member Kevin gave a walking tour, and some other goodies and easter eggs were seen as well.

The day continued with an interview with Joseph Jaffe on Youtube. What a fun celebration! Lots of people dropped in to listen and contribute.

And what would a NFT365 celebration be without a DJ party in the Discord? Hosted by Carter, DJ A_Universe returned with some awesome tunes and had us gif'ing into the night.


The 365-day journey of the NFT365 podcast and its parallel Mint365 project came to close on November 11, 2022. The project has bought an NFT in the mint phase every day, and the collection runs deep with memories and meaning. It is a time capsule of the NFT year.

To commemorate these Mint365 NFTs, each unique in their own way, Fanzo set his mind and heart to represent them by creating AI art. Twelve commemorative pieces were made to represent each 30-day section of the year. These AI art pieces were created using meaningful words, prompts and the emotions felt arising from each stage of this Mint365 journey. Fanzo also wrote a reflection on each piece regarding that 30 day span on the project.

Twelve pieces were created, each a limited edition of eleven. Collectors of any of the first 11 (SOLD OUT!) editions have been able to claim the 13th for free (the 12th being the unfortunate target of some bot-ting). The 13th was also the LAST NFT to be included in the Mint365 collection.

Click here to follow along on the visual journey of this collection, and here to explore the secondary market, and click here for the free claim of #13!

The Mint365 Mosiac

The Mint365 Mosaic piece is coming together! In collaboration with SuperRare, this piece, commemorating and documenting the 365 NFTs minted over the past year, will soon go up for auction. Some details we are working out before this can happen include: smart contract auditing, organizing the NFTs for transfer on various blockchains, pulling NFTs from staked locations, ensuring creator royalties are incorporated, and legal contract review. Updates will be provided as we get them.


Not only will Fanzo soon be highlighting other creative artists on his Nifty Gateway page, but he is also working on his own collection, named “Shades of ADHD.” It won’t be long before you hear about this, reflective of his ADHD journey, and get to enjoy more of his AI art.


We are hard at work preparing for the work ahead for Season 2. This season will see new co-hosts and show styles on the Podcast. The content won’t be daily like last season, but Season 2 won’t disappoint!

The community will also have new opportunities to enjoy educational material, and will soon learn how to access an exclusive mentor group.

Other upcoming changes are an overhaul of the discord, and a migration of Fanzo’s $ADHD creator coin to a new platform. Stay tuned!


Because Fanzo can’t stay away from the microphone, Season 2 has had an unofficial start. Listen in here!

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